When you are looking for a business loan, the amount of interest can an estimate of the entire amount of the loan. Another thing to consider is how much you should borrow and for how long you’ll be paying it. Sometimes it can seem like too much to consider, but there’s a handy tool that can help you decide whether or not you should get one.

A business loan calculator should give all these questions sensible answers.

Dealing with bad credit loan is not an easy thing to do because you need to keep track of your credit score so you can make required adjustments to build the score up. In this article, we will look at how to use a business loan calculator by Camino Financial when deciding to take a business loan.

How much money does a loan cost?

On many occasions, we take loans without proper analysis of what may come of it. If you are the borrower, try to be smart so that you remain solid in business. The main reason people fail to repay loans on time is the failure to understand the cost of that particular loan.

Some people have the right reasons to get a loan, do everything by the book and still end struggling with payments. As a borrower, you need to make sure that the money you are about to receive will bring a positive impact to the business and that you’ll be able to pay it comfortably.

Costs related to loans, such as processing fees, are based on the amount borrowed and the policy of the lenders, that may range from 1-3%. That’s why sometimes business owners think the payments are complete, only to realize they still owe the institution.

The bottom line is: understanding the loan will give you have an advantage.

What are business loan calculators and how do I use them?

A business loan calculator gives you an estimate of the cost of the loan you wish to take. The calculator allows you to change parameters, such as increasing the number of months or adding extra monthly payments, that way you can decide if you should take it or not.

How Business Loan Calculators Work:

Using a business calculator to know the amount of money you need and how much you need to set aside for repayments is quite convenient.

To have a clear understanding of what happens when using a loan calculator, here are factors that influence the loan outcome:

  • Interest rates quoted on the business loan
  • Others cost such as origination fees, closing costs, processing fees, etc.
  • Terms of loan and number of repayments
  • The loan amount

All these factors differ depending on the type of loan, the institution and how much money you need.

Calculating the Loan:

Using a Loan Calculator is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Enter the loan amount. This is how much money you need.
  2. Enter the payment term. How much time do you need to repay the loan? There are options that go from 24 to 60 months. Check with the bank or institution you want to borrow money from the terms they give: not all institutions provide the same monthly repayment periods.
  3. Select the monthly interest rate. This number will depend solely on the bank or institution that will give you the loan. Some places have low-interest rates; others, higher. But they usually range from 1% to 2.5%.

And just that easy, the calculator will give you all the information you need:

Loan Terms:

  • Loan Amount
  • Number of Payments
  • Payment Frequency
  • Monthly Interest Rate
  • Closing Fee
  • Documentation Fee

Calculator Results:

  • Total Interest Paid
  • Closing Fee
  • Funding Fee
  • Documentation Fee
  • Cost of the Loan
  • Monthly Payment


Debt is not a bad thing, but not knowing the terms will land you in trouble.

Understanding the true impact of the cost of a business loan will empower you when making such financial decisions. Now you will be ready to know if you should get a Small Business Loan even before contacting a lender or even signing on the dotted line.

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