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How To Truly Become Successful In Your Career

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read August 18, 2017 Last Updated on: April 29th, 2019

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Have you ever wondered why some people succeed, while others don’t? First, you need to realize that it is not sheer luck, but attitude that helps you run the extra-mile and achieve new heights. Always remember that success isn’t about bling and fancy cars. It is carving out your heart and eating it for breakfast. It is swimming through a river of fire. It is equal to walking barefoot on Lego blocks with thorns on fire. This is the side of ‘success’ which the movies and the inspirational posts you see on facebook and instagram tend to leave out.

The best way to start your journey to success is to adapt a few changes in your attitude. So, without further ado, here are some behaviors that you should adopt if you truly want to succeed in your career and make a difference:

1. Learn to enjoy challenges.

When unexpected events arise or you are faced with an unexplored territory, most people react negatively and try to avoid taking initiative, rather than thinking of the situation as an opportunity to grow. In such a case the best advice is to take the initiative. The same goes with seeking a job. If you are looking for a software engineering job and see yourself as least among your competitors, you may take extra time to study online or join workshops to hone your programming and analytical skills. Remember that the greatest rewards will be obtained by those who excel, not those who try to go unnoticed.

2. Turn failures into lessons.

From the beginning we’re told to tackle failures as lessons. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.  After all, we are human and disappointment tends to seep in. Remember that it is not simply a question of guilt. Instead of wasting your time (and that of others) by torturing yourself over what happened, realize the error by shutting down all your emotions and avoid repeating it. A good way to handle failures is to write down all the decisions and scenarios that led you to make that one wrong decision, and look at the positive and negative effects side by side.

3. Stay confident.

You would be surprised to know how many people you thought were very capable, are actually not as bright as they seem. In the end, all that matters is your image and how you present yourself. Even if you are a naturally shy person, you can learn to change the way others see you, starting with your body language and the tone of your voice. It will not be an automatic process, but requires constant practice. So, work on a confident and positive persona.

4. Be optimistic.

Try to focus on the brighter side of things. Remember that no one likes to hang around close to someone who constantly gives off negative vibes. If your immediate response to most things is a negative one, then you may need to work on your optimism and drain out pessimism. For example, when working on a difficult or a completely new project, do not come off as someone with low motivation and a fear of failure.Stay sharp, stay focused and inspire your colleagues and supervisors with your positivity.

5. Take all comments.

Many people do not handle criticism so well.Instead of receiving it as negative and personal comments, do yourself a favor and put your pride aside for a minute and take them as a chance to improve yourself. If you face difficulties in controlling the impulse to respond with a sharp comeback or an excuse each time you receive criticism, then you will never grow both professionally and personally. If you’re not sure how to respond, you can use a phrase like “I appreciate your comment, but I would like to take a few minutes to reflect and decide. Can we talk more about this later? ”

6. Seek a mentor.

Look around you and seek a person to whom you can look up to for inspiration and guidance. It can be a teacher, a supervisor or even a more experienced colleague. Once you find that mentor, try to learn from them. Do not adopt an annoying attitude, or try to imitate everything that they do just for the sake of being like them. In case you establish a close relationship, never take it for granted; be respectful and try to return favors whenever possible.

7. Be ambitious

Let your boss or supervisor know that you are aspiring to become more and are willing to try harder. That way, you’ll get them to value your ability to handle responsibilities and maybe even get a promotion. You do not have to tell them directly, for often actions speak louder than words.

8. Learn to negotiate

It is very difficult for the members of a team to agree on everything, however, they need to set a common goal and work on achieving it. This can be done by negotiating. Negotiators are highly valued, as they look at all opinions equally and make decisions that benefit everyone.

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