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7 Things to Consider While Finding Office Space

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 31, 2019

Office Space

Working in an office space that has the right location and the right conditions for your employees and you to feel comfortable will directly affect the success of your business.

Finding an office that meets all our expectations and that matches our budgets is often difficult. Both large and medium-sized companies and startups agree on the need to find ideal office space since this can increase the productivity of their employees and reduce the costs of the company.

The office is the space where we develop projects, execute tasks of all kinds, organize events, we meet … Before choosing an appropriate office space for our business, we have to go beyond the idea that the office is merely a workspace and Think of it as one more element that will contribute to the success of our business.

However, finding the ideal office can be quite difficult, so we have prepared a series of tips for you to choose an ideal office space for your workers.


The first thing you have to take into account is the configuration that you want to give the new office space, and there are many options available. If you are looking to increase teamwork, as is the case with startups, it may be that co-working spaces are an interesting option. This option allows you to have a predetermined price per month and a flexible contract that can range from one month to a full year. Thanks to co-working you can have access to desks, Wi-Fi connection, and some refreshments. However, you will have to pay a little more to be able to access, a printer, meeting rooms or more equipment.


It is one of the main questions that arise when starting to look for an office. It is advisable to multiply the number of employees by 100, the result is the number of square meters that your company needs. For small companies, the average surface area is between 50 and 500 m².


As in the residential market, the price varies depending on the location. For example, if you are looking for an office space, try to avoid the main financial hubs or better known as the CBD (Central Business District) because the m2 is more expensive. The most advisable thing is to search in more decentralized areas that usually have the same benefits in transport and services.


When choosing an office space you should know what type of distribution you need: partitioned or modulated, diaphanous or partially partitioned. If you want your office to have an open space distribution, you must choose an open or partially partitioned office, in case you want to include a separate office or meeting room. In addition, if you choose an office with distribution according to your needs, you will reduce the expense.


The fact of working in an environment with good security guarantees the tranquility of the employees and the correct functioning of the daily activities.

Exclusive Office:

Another option available on the market is the exclusive office buildings. This typology is always a good option for medium and large companies that need large office spaces since they have a certain number of employees. In addition, this type of property also helps in the brand building of a company, as they are usually corporate and representative headquarters.

Quality of the property:

you must know the state of the space that is going to be allocated to the offices: the age of the building, the quality of the materials, the amount of natural light, good air conditioning, etc.


Another aspect to keep in mind is the electricity contract that you will have in your new office space. This aspect is of great importance, given that a large part of a company’s budget is used to pay electricity bills. For this, it is necessary to take into account the current regulations on the registration of light in the premises.


As you may have noticed, finding the ideal office space depends on many factors. You just have to take into account the aspects that we have mentioned and, above all, weigh very well what are the needs of your company to find what best suits them.

And here, you have found yourself an ideal office space environment! If you consider these keys to choose an ideal office space, success will be practically guaranteed!

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