Although not as established as holiday rentals, according to serviced apartments have a steady foothold in the holiday market and can be highly affluential additions to the rental market.

As a whole, serviced apartments are created to satisfy the needs of business travelers and contain any facilities that this niche of travelers comes to expect from their rented properties. Available for both short and long stays, these special properties offer exceptional amenities and housekeeping which is always included in the rental price.

How list sites can benefit these properties:

List of sites like Airbnb allows serviced apartments to be seen by many more potential guests. Although mainly used by business individuals, many other types of traveler show interest in this type of accommodation. Having adverts for serviced apartments can highlight desired destinations to the travelers interested, in addition to the provision of reviews.

You can also club together these site’s calendars into one centralized management space using prebuilt websites – see the Lodgify vacation channel manager for more information.

The similarities of holiday rentals and serviced apartments:

Despite being tailored to different niches of travelers, holiday rentals and serviced apartments share similar benefits which can appeal to the wider masses.

Good Value - The most common shared benefit is the value for money that guests receive in their stays. Hotels usually work out to cost a lot more money than holiday rentals or serviced apartments, so guests can afford a lot more for their money when staying in one of these properties.

Good Food - Private accommodations also come with their own amenities including self-catering appliances. Eating out every night and spending a fortune on greasy food is no longer necessary as guests can cook to their own needs and keep a balanced diet of nutritious food.

Extra OptionsPrivate pool access, hot tubs, an American fridge and a queen size bed are just some of the bonus options available when staying at a holiday rental or serviced apartments. These additional extras aren’t often available at hotels so guests get more for their money when staying in a private property. This is itself can be an attractive trait for picking the right accommodation for a stay.

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