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rupert grint net worth

Red Head Weasley – Does the name ring a bell from your childhood. Of course, it should because it’s not been a week since you watched the Harry Potter Reunion Special Episode. Potterheads are naturally eager to know what their lives have been like after retiring from the Harry Potter Franchise. One of the most popular queries coming from the fans is what’s the Rupert Grint Net Worth?

Our Rupert, a.k.a. Ron Weasley has changed a lot in all these years after coming out from Hogwarts. From professional to personal life, everything about Harry Potter Ron Weasley has undergone a significant transformation. But when it comes to Rupert Grint Net worth, the thrill is much higher.

Read this blog till the end to know how much Harry Potter Ron is earning in 2022.     

Who Is Rupert Grint?

Who Is Rupert Grint

Potterheads, do you really need an answer here? Who doesn’t know Ron Weasley by the way; maybe the muggles? Anyways, we are giving a brief explanation of who Rupert Grint is because we would simply love to. Also, I think all of you must get a sneak peek at his real-life before jumping on to Rupert Grint Net Worth. 

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint, a.k.a. Rupert Grint is an English actor, born on the 24th of August 1988. He became well-known for his part as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. He played one of the three major characters in the franchise. At the age of eleven, he was cast as Weasley after a tough audition process. Before that, he only performed in school plays and with his local theater company.

Hit The Bull’s Eye – What Is Rupert Grint Net Worth?

Hit The Bull’s Eye

Now that you know about Rupert Grint, let’s focus on the central question we are trying to address. How Much is Rupert Grint Net Worth?

Rupert Grint net worth is estimated to be $ 50 million (£ 37 million). He and his young co-stars were paid handsomely as the project continued, and it was the top-grossing picture of 2001. Do you know Rupert was one of the highest-paid actors in the world in 2007? This is owing to his portrayal as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films consistently.

Rupert would have earned at least $ 70 million (£ 52 million) as a basic salary for the Harry Potter films alone. However, it was inflation that messed up his earning potential. He lives in a huge mansion having 22 acres of land, a swimming pool, and an indoor house in Hertfordshire. Also, in one interview, he mentioned he couldn’t really guess how much money he has in the bank.

So you see now, Harry Potter Ron Weasley was poor in reel life, but not in real life. He is a millionaire!!! 

Rupert Grint Networth Breakdown

If “Red Head Weasley” is your favorite character in Harry Potter, then you might be super excited to know about Rupert Grint Net Worth in detail. This may give you a shock but here we have jotted down a breakdown of Ruper Grint net worth. You will see how much Rupert earns per year, per month, per week, and per day also.

This will help you understand how he makes the US $50 million.

Rupert Grint Net Worth: USD $50.5 Million
Per Year: USD $8.42 Million
Per Month: USD $701,388.89
Per Week: USD $161,858.97
Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute: Per Second:
USD $23,059.36 USD $960.81 USD $16.01 USD $0.27

So, you see, there is a reason why Rupert Grint Net Worth is such skyscraping. The amount he earns every day says our Ron Weasley Net Worth.

Such Massive Rupert Grint Net Worth!! What Are The Contributing Factors?

You are now aware of Rupert Grint Net Worth pretty well. But don’t you want to know the contributing factors behind this towering asset. I’m sure you are dying to know this. Thus, without wasting any more time, take a look at the explanation we have put forward. 

  1. From The Harry Potter Franchise: Grint earned $60 million from the eight Harry Potter films, which translates to about $70 million after inflation. This makes sense behind Ron Harry Potter earnings, that is Rupert Grint Net Worth. 
  2. From Other Films: Apart from the Harry Potter series, Rupert has been in more movies. Some of these are – Thunderpants (2002), The ABC Murders Inspector Crome (2018), Snatch Charlie Cavendish (2017-2018), Sick Note Daniel Glass (2017-2018). He also earned a lump sum amount from them as well. 
  3. From Social Media: Rupert Grint’s social media image is incredible, like Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe. He has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Naturally, he earns a lot from several brands and advertisements.

These are the most crucial factors that made Rupert Grint net worth soar like anything else. 

Is Rupert Grint Married?

In the Harry Potter Reunion, Emma Watson has confirmed she and Grint are still very good friends now, without anything romantically involved. Fans are a little disappointed to hear this. It is because Ron and Emma made one of the most perfect couples in Harry Potter.

But what about Harry Potter Ron Weasley off-screen personal life? Grint has been in a relationship with actress Georgia Groome since 2011. In 2020, they got their most precious gift in the world – a baby girl named Wednesday G. Grint. However, Georgia and Rupert have not yet decided to get married.  

Rupert Grint Quotes

“The truth is that Ron is my hero. He’s always there for his friends – sometimes belligerently, but there nevertheless. He’s also the comic relief in stressful situations; the funny guy with a great one-liner. And no matter how scared he may be, he will put aside his fears to support and protect the people he loves. To me, that represents true courage.”

“I’ve never fancied that footballer lifestyle. I suppose I could live that kind of flash life. People stereotype child actors and kind of expect you to go off the rails a bit, be a bit crazy, but that’s not really happened yet. I’ve got a big family so that helps, and they live really close to the studios so it’s just so much easier.”

“It’s always at the back of my mind that acting might come to an end for me when Harry Potter finishes. I don’t know if I’m good enough to have a long career. I’ve got a bit of an inferiority complex about my acting. My self-esteem is quite low in that sense.”

“One of the beauties about being an actor is that nothing really has to make sense. You just do it and live it and hope it comes out and try to find the truth in what’s in the text in your own way and hopefully you can find truth in the text and everything else just comes.”

“Walking into the great hall for the first time was absolutely incredible – all these effects with all the candles floating in the air, all lit and everything, food on the table, all the flambeaus were lit – it was just incredible, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I was such a huge fan of Harry Potter books. That’s how I got into it. I had never really thought about acting or a career. I just wanted to be Ron, really. It was a very unusual introduction into the industry, and we learned so much. It’s been a real education and an evolution. I really, really enjoy this.”

“I’ve known Emma Watson since she was 9, we’ve watched each other grow up, formed this sort of brother/sister bond, and suddenly I’m leaning in to kiss her. Well, it felt completely wrong… but, you know, you try to sink into the character and divorce yourself from it. We ended up laughing hysterically afterwards.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Is The Net Worth Of Rupert Grint?

Ron Harry Potter, or Rupert Grint Net Worth 2022, is estimated to be USD$50 million. 

Q2. What Is Emma Watson Net Worth?

English Actress Emma Watson net worth is a whopping amount of around USD $85 million.  

Q3. What Is Tom Felton Net Worth

Draco Malfoy, a.k.a., Tom Felton net worth is the lowest of the 3 lead characters in Harry Potter – US $20 million. 

Q4. How Much Is Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth?

Daniel Radcliffe played the role of the main character Harry Potter in the franchise. Daniel Radcliffe net worth is the highest of all the cast members – $110 million. 

Q5. What Does Rupert Grint Do For A Living?

Rupert Grint is basically a film actor and is notable for playing the roles of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. In addition to this, he is a stage actor, brand partner, and voice actor, also.  

Q6. What Is Rupert Grint Doing Now?

After completing the Harry Potter series, Grint continued to act on TV, on Stage, and on films also. Grint has recently had success on television, starring in Netflix’s “Sick Note,” ‘Apple TV Plus’ “Servant,” and Crackle’s “Snatch.” He also made an appearance in the HBO Harry Potter Reunion Special.

What’s Our Opinion Regarding Rupert Grint Net Worth?

Didn’t it feel good to see all of your favorite Harry Potter stars back together, especially Daniel-Rupert-Ema, the trio? I personally felt too emotional after watching the reunion. But I hope the question you had in your mind about Rupert Grint Net worth is clear as of now. Undoubtedly, he is one of the highest-paid actors not only in Harry Potter Films but also in the British Film Industry. We want him to flourish more in the coming future!

Do you want to share your opinion about Rupert Grint net worth with us? Then drop it in the comment section below.

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