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The Reasons to Buy Burial Insurance After Consulting an Independent Agent

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Burial Insurance

End of life planning is not something that we look forward to, but it’s necessary. If you want to ease your family and loved ones’ financial burden, it’s essential to invest in burial insurance now to obtain coverage for your afterlife expenses.

Burial insurance is also referred to as final expense plans. These policies are devised to help your beneficiaries avoid out of pocket expenses for your funeral as the policy covers the funeral costs and other expenses you may leave behind.

Gary P. Cubeta from insurance for final expenses elucidates the several policies available in the market from platforms like Opencare final expense plans, Mutual of Omaha burial insurance, and more. With the plethora of choices, it can be confusing to choose the right burial insurance plan. However, an experienced final expense insurance agent can come to your rescue to help you determine the right plans according to your needs and requirements.

They obtain the ideal burial insurance plan to cover your funeral, medical and other costs that may cause a burden for your immediate family. Here’s why you can rely on an independent insurance agent to plan your afterlife finances:

Comparing Different Burial Insurance Policies

An independent insurance agent’s job is to compare multiple insurance carriers to give the best options in terms of price and coverage. Firstly, the agent will assess your needs and then help you evaluate your options.

Due to the competitive landscape of insurance providers, it’s vital to research the best options and then finalize on the right deal. An independent insurance agent conducts extensive research on the comprehensive benefits of each burial insurance plan. Thus, they are well-versed in various plans and provide the best options that offer the best fit for your age, medical condition, and other requirements.

Licensed Experts

It can be challenging to understand the terms and conditions of the policy and navigate through the entire process. Independent insurance agents help you comprehend the different types of insurance plans in simple language and explain their coverage so that you can make the right choice.

For instance, guaranteed acceptance policies like Opencare final expense plans do not make it necessary for you to get a medical exam and accept all seniors below the age of 90 with premium rates locked in for life. The insurance agent you work with will enable you to access a wider range of such plans to know which works best for you.

Unbiased Advice

Since the agents work with several companies, they don’t try to upsell one particular policy for a single company. They work closely with customers and offer the best advice after careful consideration of the previous positive or negative experiences of other customers. Whether you need a final expense policy without a waiting period or have certain pre-existing medical conditions, they help you find the best prices and coverage without any biases toward one company over the other.

Save Money

As the agents are not tied to one company, they help you explore the best rates. You can leverage the agents’ expertise to compare different quotes from varied providers according to their price and key features. As a result, it might lead to significant savings not just in paying your insurance premiums but also in long-term savings that yield the best benefits to your beneficiaries.

An Advocate for Customers

Since insurance agents are affiliated with various insurance providers, they work for the end customers instead of a single company. An independent insurance agent is a licensed professional working on your behalf so that you can get a fair assessment of the best burial insurance plans out there. They put customer’s needs and priorities on the top to work out the best options.

For example, an insurance company may try to sell you a final expense policy with a 2-year waiting period, and you might not even know it. On the other hand, an independent insurance agent clearly explains to you the ins and outs of the policy. They help you find a plan without a waiting period if you want immediate coverage.

Insurance Reviews

Top insurance agents publish detailed reviews of different burial insurance plans like Opencare final expense plans, Gerber final expense, Transamerica policy, and more so that you can shop around and make comprehensive comparisons. This way, you can make a well-informed decision without any surprises and uncover the actual benefits and drawbacks of a specific plan.

As seen, there are several benefits of consulting with a qualified independent insurance agent to apply for a burial expense policy. Understanding and dealing with end of life planning may be complex. Therefore, consult with a trusted insurance agent near you for personalized advice. Rest assured, you can have complete peace of mind with an independent agent who works for you.

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