Best Career Options One Should Think After Pursuing BBA Finance

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BBA Finance

What’s the most significant dilemma students face after finishing school? Well, the question has many answers, since it’s subjective and depends on student to student. However, we think that choosing the course of study after class 12th remains as one of the biggest dilemmas for both students and their parents.

If you’re a student and are here to know more about BBA Finance– then one thing is sure that you’ve chosen some direction for your career. When choosing a career, it’s important to make informed decisions. BBA finance is a highly popular undergraduate course that offers many opportunities for students. Let’s take a look at BBA finance and the lucrative career options that lay after that.

What is BBA Finance?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Finance is a 3-year specialized undergraduate degree that imparts management as well as financial knowledge to students. The degree program provides students with an in-depth understanding of the economic, financial and banking affairs. With specific and more specialized finance degree programs such as BBA Financial Analysis and Services – students also get schooled regarding the management of financial risk along with the general management areas such as strategy, marketing, organizational studies and more.

Career Options after BBA Finance:

BBA Finance being a specialized degree offers many lucrative career options for students.

1. Financial Analyst:

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst is the most popular option for students of BBA finance to start their careers. A financial analyst examines and analyses financial data and uses the findings to help organizations make business decisions. Since BBA finance students have training in both microeconomics and macroeconomics, they make predictions about organizations, sectors, and industries.

Many Fortune 500 companies hire students at the undergraduate level for financial analyst role with specialized knowledge of finance.

2. Credit Analyst:

Credit Analyst

Professionals with a BBA Financial Analysis and Services degree can work as credit analysts across banks, insurance firms, credit rating agencies, investment companies, and other financial services companies. A credit analyst is responsible for assessing the creditworthiness of a loan applicant. They do it by gathering and analyzing financial data including the paying history, purchase activities and earnings and savings information.

3. Risk Manager:

Risk Manager

The risk manager is a highly lucrative job profile within the financial framework of an organization. It deals with assessing and identifying the potential risks including financial, safety, security and reputation of a firm.

As a highly analytical career, risk managers spend most of their time in conducting risk assessments that including analyzing statistics, reports, documents and market trends.

4. CA

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most lucrative careers options for students from commerce background. BBA Financial Analysis and Services kickstarts a student’s career in the finance field. Students with BBA finance degree can successfully pursue CA after the completion and go on to become experts.

CA is an expert in the field of auditing, taxation, and accounting and is an integral part of the finance department of all large organizations. They also work independently and set up their firms. A career as a Chartered Accountant pays well and is among the top paying careers in India.

5. Pursue a Higher Degree – MBA


Pursuing an MBA is the most obvious choice for students after completing their BBA degree or with a couple of years’ experience.BBA and MBA have a common ground, and both are linked together. Students who wish to pursue MBA in Finance can make use of BBA in Financial Analysis and Services to broaden their knowledge. It will open up many different avenues, and all of them are lucrative considering the specialization.

BBA in Finance takes students through the management journey and instills a strong financial acumen in them. Since it’s a specialized undergraduate course, only a handful of universities offer it! Universities like UPES offer BBA Financial Analysis and Services degree program that is a highly specialized one and imparts professional training to pursue a career in finance. The university is QS 5 Stars rated – India’s first and only university to achieve this magnificent feat.

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