How To Keep Older Relatives Safe

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If you are someone who has close family relatives of older age, the chances are that you have had some worries about their health and wellbeing at some stage. This is a widespread occurrence, as everyone wants to do everything they can to keep their loved ones safe. Sometimes finding the best way to do so can be difficult, however. Taking care of your older relatives is not an extra responsibility. This is your duty as your older relatives. 

So, how can you keep your older relatives safe? Of course, there is only so much you can do in terms of care, but even still, there are plenty of ways in which you can help them out. Many of these methods don’t even require too much effort or time. Sometimes, the simplest things have the most significant effects, especially regarding caring for your loved ones. 

6 Ways To Keep Older Relatives Safe

Very often, people are left feeling like they should be doing more to keep their older relatives safe. If you are stuck for some ideas on how to do so, you may want to consider some of the following suggestions. 

Here are six tips to keep your older relatives safe.

1. Spend Time With Them 

1. Spend Time With Them 

The best way to get some peace of mind in regard to your older relatives is to sit down and spend some time with them. This way, you get to see for yourself what condition they are in. You can ask them how they are feeling and talk about it in great detail. If you then feel like something isn’t right, you can seek medical advice. You will also be able to make sure that their house is clutter free, as well as that they have enough food in the fridge to accommodate their diet. 

It’s also a good idea to do something together when visiting. As your relatives get older, they may have more desire to get out and be active if they find they are stuck at home a lot. Hence they are living alone. Even the shortest social interactions can mean a lot to them. So take them on a drive, go for a walk, or even watch some movies together. 

2. Get Them the Best Living Situation 

The living situation of your relative should be taken into consideration when trying to keep them safe. Especially if they are living alone, there may be some dangers that are worth being aware of. If you have any concerns based on their home situation or living condition, it could be time to consider an alternative. 

The best alternative living situation that you can offer them is a retirement home. This will put them under constant monitoring and care. It is one of the best ways possible to keep your older relatives safe. The professionals who work in the likes of the senior living community Chicago are adequately trained to give the best service to your loved ones. 

3. Phone In Regularly

3. Phone In Regularly

It is recommended that you make regular phone calls to your older relatives. They may often forget to ring you or assume that you are busy, so don’t be afraid to ring them more than they ring you. However, a simple five-minute phone call is usually enough to ensure that everything is okay with your family member. 

Be sure to ask them how they are feeling, talking about it further if necessary. You can also make a point of reminding them to eat well and take any medication that they should be consuming. It’s also worth asking them about their mental health, as it is often something that is overlooked in elderly people. However, it is still crucial to make sure they feel heard if they are experiencing problems. 

4. Ask Neighbors To Check-in 

If you live particularly far away or just have a busy schedule, it could be worthwhile to get others you trust to pop into your loved ones. An excellent person to do this could be your relatives’ neighbor. As long as you trust them, this is one of the easiest ways you can keep your older relatives safe. Their neighbor can make the check-up nice and casual. 

This way, your relatives won’t know that you are worried about them. Try to get the neighbor to check out all the things you would. For example, how they are feeling, eating correctly, and taking their medication. You can ask them to check in weekly or even just ask them how they are whenever they get the chance. As neighbors, there’s a good chance they will bump into each other frequently anyway. 

5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

If you live somewhere where it can get very hot or quite cold, you need to consider your older relative’s safety. The elderly should not be exposed to these extreme temperatures. On sweltering summer days or cold winter days, you should try to get them to stay indoors as much as possible. You should also consider installing a good quality air conditioning or heating system in your relative’s house if needed. 

Ask your relative what they want to do as their energy levels may dictate what they would prefer. Of course, many people these days have hectic schedules, but it is important to make sure that you spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. 

6. Make Alterations To The Home 

If your older relatives are adamant about staying home, you may need to make some adjustments to make their house more livable. For example, if it is a two-story house, you may want to install a stairlift. A downstairs bathroom could also be a good idea as they approach their older age. Other things you may want to include in the home are handrails and security cameras. 

As well as being properly cared for, you will also be able to visit your loved ones as often as you like. This means you won’t be restricted in terms of how much time you get to spend with them. It could even mean that you get to see them more frequently. Consider choosing a retirement home that is close to you. This way, visiting will be far more convenient and accessible. 


Taking care of the older relatives is always a great responsibility for the young people of the families. Most often, when the young people do not give the expected care and attention, the older people are starting to feel more suffocated and neglected. These types of feelings are making the situation even worse. These six tips are always helping you to add more happiness to your older relative’s life and making their old age complete up with more natural vibes.

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