Improve Your Farm’s Productivity with These 5 Technologies

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Improve Farm Productivity

For years, Aussie farmers have been finding innovative solutions to improve their yield and make huge profits. And a big part of their success can be directly attributed to their use of new farming technology, which increases productivity using minimal resources at the quickest possible time.

For one, farmers all over the country have been extensively using hydraulic equipment such as tractors, skid steers, seeders, and planters. Fortunately, there are companies in Australia that offer complete hydraulic kits and lube equipment to ensure that every piece of hydraulic equipment for sale will stay in great shape.

Here are other farm technologies that you should use to improve your farm’s earning potential:

Water and soil sensors

Today, water and soil sensors are among the best farm technologies that you can buy for a few hundred dollars. These sensors will allow you to accurately gauge nitrogen and moisture levels and help you to decide when it’s already time to apply fertilizers or when to irrigate the fields.

In short, they remove the guesswork out of the equation, make farm processes more efficient, and guarantee a lower carbon footprint.


Telematics allows you to use your smartphone to see where your farm equipment is, how many tons of crops have been harvested, and whether your hydraulic farm equipment might break down soon. These are very powerful pieces of information that could allow farm owners like you to make the right decisions and ensure more efficient operations. This way, you can increase yields, minimize losses, and perform maintenance works on high-priced farm equipment to keep them running like new.

Biometric identifier

There are several types of biometric identifiers that are commonly used on farm animals. They include DNA, nose prints, and RVP or Retinal Vascular Pattern. Nose prints are primarily used on junior animals while DNA can be used to match young animals with their parents, much like in humans. Finally, RVP is used to identify a single animal through the unique blood vessel pattern found behind the eyes.

Of these three, RVP is said to be the most cost-efficient with the best benefits to boot, as it can track individual animals in real-time and even serve as a tamper-proof means of identifying them. You may try all three or just pick the one that best serves your specific farm requirements.

Hyper precision technologies

Hyper precision technologies, such as RTK navigation system, allow for accurate farm processes like seeding and fertilization. Such technologies technically eliminate wild guesses and replace them with fine-tuned applications and farm machinery that helps conserve resources, increase yields, and boost profits.


Agricultural robots or agbots are futuristic farm helpers that promise to take the agriculture sector by storm just by their sheer cool factor. Agbots can be programmed to automatically harvest crops, plow the soil, remove weeds, and irrigate the fields. If you have the money to burn or if you like to explore really futuristic farming technologies, then you can’t get anything better than these cool robots.

In the highly competitive and constantly evolving agriculture sector, those who have the courage have the best chance of thriving. These five technological innovations can help your farm reach its full earning potential.

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