How To Write A Killer Essay

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Are you going to write the best essay that rocks?

Good! We are going to help you with optimizing your efforts. We know what you should start first. Of course, you have to receive a topic to develop from your professor.

You can submit several ideas to them to receive approval with explanations of why this topic should be researched and it can be interesting for a reader.

Usually, you can receive your ideas back as a topic to research within several days. Sometimes, the professor can submit one for you, so you have to accept it. There are possibilities to change it if you can prove relevant arguments. It can work, but the chances aren’t high.

Another case is more frequent. It’s when the professor provides a list of topics to work with. So, you have to hurry to pick the best one for you. It can be easy or challenging. In both cases, it will be your own choice.

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5 Ways To Write a Killer Content

Killer Content

1. Prepare materials asap

You have to understand how many materials, articles, and data are available for your topic because it can influence the amount of time you need to write it well. So, start google for new research papers and academic works to read and analyze. There are various databases that can help you with receiving information about your topic and a subject in general.

You have to systemize this material, keeping the eye on good claims that can support your idea or provide a bridge to keep developing it.

2. Manage your layout

The layout is an important part to understand how many words have to be written in every chapter and how much effort you need to spend to write your essay well.

So, if you work with an average 500 or 1000-word academic essay, you can write from one to up to three chapters. The word volume will be split: 10-15% for an introduction, 15-20% for a summary or a conclusion, and the rest can be spent on writing the body text.

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academic essay

3. Writing an introduction

This part of the essay isn’t hard because you just have to explain your goals and the actuality of the topic. Reading your claims the professor or any reader can be sure that there’s something new and that the topic is worth to be read.

You have to spend several sentences on it. Then add information about your goals. You have to prepare several ones to mention. If you can’t come up with any, start thinking about aspects of the topic and in what way they can be researched. Mention at least several ones to show that your idea is ready to go.

Add information about academic writers and scientists whose papers and other materials were used to write a topic. Add details about why those papers are actual and what aspects of the subject you will research.

4. Body text

The body text requires much effort from you to be written well. We know some tricks that can help you with it that are systemized in the following list.

 good essay
  • Manage your time to write a good essay. You have to be ready to spend several days or so. It’s important because you need time to prepare materials, write an essay, and do spell-checking.
  • Start writing it by providing arguments that help your idea to be developed.
  • Work with other writers’ and scientists’ thoughts, and mention their ideas in your essay.
  • Provide a reader with relevant links to those writers and their papers.
  • You have to follow this rule to avoid plagiarism. It’s when you use someone’s ideas without mention. This is a huge mistake and you can be strictly punished for this.
  • Add some equations or spreadsheets to calculate and systemize the received information.
  • If needed, make drawings and use diagrams. Many people prefer the core claims as visual content.
  • Manage your design according to APA, MLA, Chicago, or other standards. If you don’t know which one should be used, you can as the professor or your classmates about this.
  • Do spellchecking, using professional software such as Grammarly.
  • Improve your storytelling to make your text to sounds better.
  • Keep your eyes on the word volume that helps you with managing it right. If you wrote much more, you would be able to decrease the text.

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5. Write a conclusion

A conclusion has to include all the important information about what you could achieve in the papers and what goals you set for future development.

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