How Long Does An Oil Change Take? – Let’s Find Out!

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how long does an oil change take

If you’re wondering how long does an oil change take, then you have to read through this post. After having my fair share of encounters and experiences with changing oils, I have got an understanding of their timings.

On this page, we’ll talk about how to change your oil and what to watch out for if you don’t remember when you had your last oil change.

What Happens During An Oil Change?

What Happens During An Oil Change?

When you go for an oil change to the mechanic, they will go through a few steps in the entire oil changing process. There are four steps here that the mechanic will take that ascertain how long does it take to get an oil change. They are:

1. Change


This is the first step that oil-changing mechanics will go through when you bring your car to their garage. Here, the oil for your car, its weight, volume, and other specifications will already be mentioned by the car company. The mechanics simply follow these instructions and change the oil filters accordingly.

2. Clean


In this step, the cleanliness and maintenance of your car are given priority. Here, the servicemen will repair and clean the mirrors and windows of your vehicle. After the glasses are cleaned, the servicemen will start cleaning your car’s interiors. This includes your car floor, which will be vacuumed to remove all dirt inside.

3. Inspect


The third step in the servicing process is the inspection stage. Here, various systems inside the bonnet of your car and its engine get checked. This includes various reactors and other systems like:

  • Coolant conditioning
  • Air filtration systems for engines
  • Seatbelts
  • Level of brake fluid
  • Wiper fluids and blades
  • Chassis
  • Lights and indicators

4. Fill/Check


The final stage in the oil-changing process for cars is making the final rounds of checking and filling up necessary fluids and oils. Here, the final adjustments made in this regard are:

  • Filling up transmission fluids
  • Refilling fluids for power steering
  • Checking and adjusting tire pressure
  • Loading battery water
  • Filling up fluids for transfer cases
  • Refilling fluids for windshields

The mechanic will be pleased to add a sticker in the top left corner of your windscreen to remind you when your next oil change is needed once these four procedures are finished. It will also be adjusted to reflect your most recent engine oil change if your car has a dashboard message center that shows oil life.

How Long Does An Oil Change Take?

How Long Does An Oil Change Take?

The answer to the question “How long do oil changes take?” varies on a number of variables. For example, do you do it yourself, or do you have your mechanic do it?

The most important consideration here is whether you do so at a repair shop or at a “quick lube” shop. Repair shops have professionals for changing your car oil, along with servicing other parts of your vehicle too.

Therefore, these mechanics will take more time to change the oil. You can expect anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes for understanding how long does an oil change take at a dealership.

On the other hand, you will find many quick lube shops that will shorten how long does it take for an oil change. Here, they will simply change the oil, or “lube” it. If you want to know how long does it take to do an oil change, these ships will take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes.

You must remember to check the color of the oil, especially the one that is the residue. Check whether the texture of the oil is milky or not, if it is milky, you need to take the car to the mechanic considering there is a high chance the coolant is leaking in the engine.

If you question, how long does an oil change take? I would say somewhere between half an hour! Oil change is effective but regular oil change or too frequent oil change is not good considering the car’s engine will be affected. The focus is to keep the engine well lubricated so that it can perform effectively!

When Should I Change My Car Oil?

When Should I Change My Car Oil?

When an oil change should be done is specified differently by each manufacturer. It’s crucial to pay attention to your vehicle’s odometer and any oil monitoring devices it may have. To determine whether your automobile needs an oil change, you may also consult your owner’s handbook.

However, there are some indications as to when you should change your car oil. Therefore, keep an eye, nose, and ear out for these signs. If you see them, then it’s high time to change your car oil. These signs are:

  • Smell Of Gasoline: If you smell gasoline while you are inside your car, then it means that there is dirty oil in your engine. This smell might also smell like dirty oil since that’s exactly what builds up near your engines.
  • Loud Noises: Since oil helps in lubricating your engine and keeping it cool, unchanged oil can lead to friction there. Since your automobile engine now lacks lubrication from fresh oil, it causes friction and loud noises in your engine.
  • Reduced Mileage: Since your engine is dirty right now due to the lack of filtration caused by old oil, you will see a significant drop in mileage.

The most typical symptom is continuous, loud engine noise. The engine runs properly when the oil is clean. The engine will squeal if the oil isn’t changed since it isn’t being adequately lubricated by fresh oil. We’d be pleased to do an oil change to restore your car’s smooth operation.

Things that you should know before oil change

As time passes by, cars produced are becoming extremely sophisticated. It is important for you to take care of the vehicle especially when it runs on fluid. Motor oil can be considered the life or blood in the body of the car.

Oil change is a necessary evil that you must face regularly even though it will put a hole in your pocket. Based on the usage of the car, you have to decide on changing the oil in the car. Apart from the usage, the oil should be changed if the level is low.

It is completely redundant but it is important to check fluid levels because they can impact other parts of the car. Filling oil in the car is good but changing it is important because over a certain period the quality of oil can degrade with pressure or heat.

Also other harmful particles get collected in the oil therefore, it is important for oil change for the car’s overall maintenance. You will get the correct guidance for the changing oil in the glove box.

Ideally, oil change or fillup must be done once a month especially if it is not used regularly. This will establish the quality of the car and its oil usage. In recent car models, there are traditional dipsticks provided to check the oil level or need or change by doing a manual inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Car owners have various questions regarding how long does an oil change take. Here is my answer to their queries.

Q1. What Will Happen If I Don’t Change My Oil?

Ans: Your automobile will eventually experience severe symptoms and perhaps damage. Old oil turns a deep black color and builds up as sludge in your engine. This is likely to block your oil filter, produce friction, and, in the worst-case scenario, result in an engine seizure.

Q2. How Do I Understand What Type Of Oil I Need?

Ans: When it’s time for an oil change, you might want to consider using synthetic oil instead of regular oil. Keep in mind, though, that synthetic oil is more costly. When that happens, you should choose a synthetic mix since it is both more cost-effective and more effective than synthetic oil.


So how long does an oil change take? An oil change typically takes 30 to 45 minutes.

The procedure involves removing the old oil from the engine, replacing the oil filter, and then adding fresh oil. Our Toyota specialists finish this and then quickly check the engine to make sure everything appears to be in order. Additionally, we’ll check the fluid levels, fill them off as necessary, and check the coolant, brake fluid, and windscreen washer fluid levels.

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