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How to Get Your License Back After a DUI License Suspension

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Getting a suspended license due to a DUI is still a hot-button topic in the world. It happens more than it should and isn’t always a victimless crime. The climb to get your license back takes considerable effort but isn’t impossible. Everyone’s journey to getting their license back will be different, but the core steps will remain the same. The important thing to take away from a DUI is that it could have always been worse, so make it your duty to never tempt fate again.

How Did It Happen?

Even if it has been months since your DUI, try to remember how it even happened. The reason you want to do this is so that it never happens again. Think of this as an exercise in avoiding your own insanity. DUI’s are completely avoidable with the many rideshare services available. Combined with a traditional cab service or public transportation, there are multiple ways to get home while intoxicated. It’s important to note that these are ‘safe ways’ to get home, and not a shot in the dark. Anyone of these options rank as a better idea than driving while drunk.

Know Your Stats:

Close to thirty people die daily from car accidents related to alcohol consumption. With more than one person dying every hour, think about how your DUI could have played a role in that stat. Know your states legal limit, which is usually 0.08%. Drivers that are below that limit can still be influenced, so you also have to know your body. If something doesn’t seem right, then stay away from a potential life-changing drive home. Alcoholism is also on the table if you have multiple DUI’s. This points to a problem that is not getting solved in a manner that is helpful to your life. Too many DUI’s and you’ll end up losing your license indefinitely.

Temporary Status:

When you have been tagged with a DUI, there is a chance the arresting officer will replace your license with a temporary one. The expiration date is set the same day as your day to appear in court. Missing the court date is a guaranteed way to lose your license and gain a bench warrant. Missing the court date and setting up a new one is a hassle without a valid license. Pay close attention to the date the officer gives you, along with any special instructions about the temporary license. Getting another DUI while on a temporary license will not end well for you.

Obey The Courts Ruling:

Courts will have specific requirements to follow. These instructions need to be followed to the letter to get your license back. It can include several things like insurance, another DUI hearing, community service, fees, and an alcohol treatment program. None of it is negotiable, so ignoring one will invalidate the entire deal. All judges are different, so one may let you off with a small fine while another will saddle you with all of the listed requirements before reinstatement. Make no mistake- many have tried to fight a court ruling in a DUI case, and many have failed. If the judgment is fair, apologize and continue to follow the courts ruling.

Car Insurance Is A Pain:

Car Insurance

One of the odd things about getting your license back is that you’re required to have proof of insurance without it. This leads to a completely different problem known as jacked up rates from auto insurance companies. A DUI is a red flag that will even disqualify you from many leading insurance providers. The only ones left will take you on as a high-risk client with their own conditions. So now you are dealing with court requirements and insurance requirements. Messing up either one will destroy any chances of getting your license back. Car insurance will put you on a probationary period, sometimes requiring payment full upfront. If this is the case, always inquire if they will go back to normal rates once you finish the current contract. There are even a few companies that will consider lowering rates once you finish a DUI program. Always ask questions so that you’re a step ahead of everyone else.

Go Back To Court:

When requested, go back to court and arrive on time. This is where you wow everyone with your ability to follow simple directions. In the event you somehow screwed up the court’s demands, this is the time to beg for leniency. The DUI hearing is important to you but is nothing special for the professional’s present. Telling them a sob story won’t change the ruling and is ultimately futile in all attempts. The hearing is more like a checkup on your general faculties. It is a quick way for the court system to see if you’re responsible enough to drive a car. Being on your best behaviour is a must, even when emotions are at an all-time high.

Make Sure All Of Your Fees Are Paid:

Good behaviour will be for nothing if you don’t have the money to pay the fees. There will be a reinstatement fee with additional court fees. The price varies, although you can be one of the lucky few to get your reinstatement fee waived. You can always learn more about the fees attached to license reinstatement. Learning about the fees will make it so that you can save money before the hearing. You can always ask for the payments to be made in installments. This isn’t guaranteed but is a nice alternative when you’re short on cash.

Wrap Up:

Common sense will go a long way in ensuring a DUI is never a problem. Know your limits, and stay away from alcohol when you need to drive. Not only will you save yourself a court date, but you can possibly save lives. A DUI is always a lesson of things to avoid in life at any age. Even if you get your license back, the tarnish remains on your record.

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