4 Steps You Need to Follow as First-Time Cryptocurrency Traders

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Cryptocurrency Traders

One of the most difficult things for cryptocurrency traders to avoid when it concerns digital currencies is succumbing to the hype. The cryptocurrency market, unlike the equity market, is unregulated, which means its value fluctuates daily.

Many individual and institutional investors are increasingly adopting digital currencies into their investment portfolios. Analysts, on the other hand, have continued to promote the importance of following live-time investing news and informing cryptocurrency traders about the volatility and unpredictability of the market.

Given the immense fluctuation of these virtual currencies, here’s what you should know before trading in the crypto market.

A brief overview of cryptocurrencies

A brief overview of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that may be used as an asset or for web transactions. These currencies are protected by cryptography, which makes fraud and double-spending nearly unattainable. The word “cryptocurrency” denotes the cryptographic procedures that developers have implemented to prevent fraud.

In the last decade or so, there have been several cryptocurrencies that have captured the imagination of investors. While crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular, new and emerging ones are slowly attracting the attention of investors. Buy Fantom (FTM) in Canada if you want to cash in on a crypto that is set to rise steadily over the coming months.

Such advances as to how to prevent users from duplicating their holdings and trying to spend them twice solved an issue that had weighed down past attempts to build fully digital currencies.

The technique of mining is one of the most prevalent ways cryptocurrencies are formed. Mining is a time-consuming procedure in which computers solve complicated challenges to validate the legitimacy of network transactions. Owners of those machines may be rewarded with newly created crypto as a result of their efforts.

Blockchain technology retains a tamper-resistant record of the transactions and takes account of who owns what is used to support almost all cryptocurrencies. These decentralized public blockchains function without the intervention of a central authority, such as a bank or financial institution.

How to acquire Cryptocurrencies?

How to acquire Cryptocurrencies?

1. Selecting an exchange

There are a variety of methods to purchase crypto, but a centralized exchange is considered to be among the most convenient for novices. Investors can have the assurance that they are receiving what they paid for because centralized exchanges operate as a third party regulating transactions.

Such exchanges generate revenue by charging fees for different parts of their services and selling cryptocurrencies at market prices.

Another factor while determining the right exchange entails considering the fees of the exchange. Exchange costs might be a fixed charge or a percentage of your transactions, and they can be applied in a variety of ways. Before you settle on an exchange, make sure the coins you prefer are available on the exchange.

However, experts recommend only sticking to the major currencies like ETH, BTC, and more, especially if you are a novice cryptocurrency trader.

If you want to store crypto on an exchange account, be certain you select one that employs offline, cold storage and has excellent anti-theft measures.

2. Account funding

Similar to any other investment option, the buying process of cryptocurrencies also involves funding the account before you can actually acquire the coins. One of the most common and preferred options is funding through fiat currencies like US dollars through debit and bank transactions, while other options may include existing crypto holdings.

In the case of using crypto holdings, you may transfer the funds from a virtual wallet to another platform in order to initiate a trade. Make sure the exchange you are opting for supports trading one currency to buy another.

3. Select the preferred cryptocurrency

With new coins added to the marketplace every day, choosing the appropriate coin may require considering certain factors. Before investing in crypto, make sure to determine your financial objective for this investment, expectations, and estimation backed up by research and your expertise in this domain in terms of knowledge.

4. Make a trade order

The process of placing an order for purchasing the crypto you have opted for varies on the exchange you have chosen. Most exchanges provide investors with the option to enter the amount in fiat currencies and acquire the intended crypto at the current market value.

Others with additional advanced features may involve options to place market and limit orders. While a market order enables the trader to buy the currency at the current market value, a limit order ensures that they pay the exact amount that they have chosen amidst the market volatility.


While investing in cryptocurrencies is safer than other assets in terms of security, you can also opt for transferring your virtual assets to a virtual crypto wallet for greater protection.

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