Are Fields Near Your Home and Business Really Safe?

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There is always a temptation to explore open fields that are located near a home or business. The thought of walking around in undisturbed territory is attractive for many people, adults and children alike who want to satisfy their inner explorer. However, there is danger lurking in many of these open areas that may not be readily apparent to the naked eye. Some of the hazards include chemicals and pollution that can sicken those who come into contact with them.

Ticks and Other Insects:

One of the bigger hazards that can be found in an open field relates to what may be living in them. These fields may have tall weeds and long grass. Many dangerous insects can be found in these areas. For example, if you are allergic to bees, you never quite know when you are going to step on a concealed beehive that can lead to danger. Another hidden hazard could be ticks or other insects that are hiding in the tall weeds. Bites from these insects could cause diseases such as Lyme’s Disease. This threat is more prevalent in certain areas of the country such as the Northeast. The danger is even more pronounced if there is standing water anyplace on the site as this is a breeding ground for pests that can cause disease.

Lightning Hazard:

Another potential danger that is associated with open fields is that if being struck by lightning. The open expanse is a magnet for lightning strikes, especially if there are no trees in the area. If there is a thunderstorm or even the threat of one, you should not be out in the open area, given that there is no place to take any cover. While that alone should not keep you out of open areas, it is best to exercise caution if there are overcast conditions or any threat of a storm.

Uneven Terrain:

Open fields may tend to have overgrown grass and other vegetation that could conceal the true nature of the ground. Thus, you never quite know when you step on the ground what could await you. There is the potential for sprained ankles and possible worse that could result from a wrong step in an open field. The surface could be soft or uneven ground that may cause injury when it is traversed.

Hidden Chemicals:

You never know what a prior use of an open field may have been. Even if this field was used for farming as opposed to any industrial purpose, there could still be hidden dangers. There could be hazardous chemicals buried underneath the surface that can sicken you or otherwise cause disease. Many of these chemicals have long half-lives that mean they can be dangerous for long after they were left in the ground. One particular chemical agent called Paraquat was used as a pesticide agent and has been linked with Parkinson’s disease. There are many lawsuits against Paraquat that are pending that have been filed by people that have been sickened by this chemical long after it has been applied. There are many other hazardous chemicals that can be found in the ground at an open field so caution is best exercised.

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