Why Would You Ever Choose a Limo Service Over Uber? Here Are 5 Reasons!

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 5, 2019

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Planning a night out, a bachelorette party or wedding transportation can be a huge challenge. Whether it’s a special occasion like the New Year’s Eve or you want to create a special occasion yourself, transportation plays an important role. There’s always the question of who will be the designated driver and miss out all the fun.

However, if you hire a reliable transportation service like Imperial Limo Worldwide, you won’t have to worry about drawing the shortest straw. Everyone can enjoy the fun and get back home safely.

Many people these days turn to services like Uber for their special event transportation, but a limousine company offers a far greater service. Read on to find out why a limo service is still a better choice than Uber.

Limo Service or an Uber?

Uber and Lyft have grown in popularity and have completely replaced the traditional Taxi services as people’s go-to transportation choices. However, when it comes to special event transportation nothing still beats the good, old limo service. Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons:

Trusted Chauffeurs:

When it comes to the employees, limo service drivers are much more experienced and qualified to do the work than an average Uber driver. To make sure this is true, limousine companies go an extra mile to ensure they hire only the best of the best.

The chauffeurs a limo service typically hires go through extensive background checks, ability tests and other security measures to ensure nothing but the highest-quality service. You can even look up their resume online to make sure you’re hiring the best.

You’ll Feel Safer:

Uber drivers are usually nice and talkative. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re getting in the car with a stranger every time you use Uber. You might have read stories on the Internet about people who’ve had a rather uncomfortable experience in an Uber. With a limousine service, you’ll feel safer knowing you’re in the hands of a professional.

More Vehicles to Choose From:

When hiring an Uber your choice of a vehicle is fairly limited. Therefore, if you’re hosting a party for more people, you might have to split the gang up and get two or more rides. Limousine services offer vehicles that can accommodate more people like SUVs, Sedans, Vans or Party Busses. All of these also come with special amenities, meaning the party never stops. You can see some of the most common vehicles in a limo service’s fleet here:

Limo Drivers Don’t Have Access to Private Information:

When you sign up to Uber, you are giving away sensitive information the driver can access. Doing so puts you at risk of identity theft and different types of frauds. With a limo service, the driver never has access to your credit card information, as the payment is processed through the company.

You’re Supporting a Legitimate Business:

Uber was frequently under scrutiny regarding how they treat their drivers. All of them are labeled as contractors so the company doesn’t have to pay their overtime hours, health insurance or workers’ compensation.

Catching an Uber might save you some money, but consider all the employees of a limo service, as well as their families. In order to run a legitimate business, a limo company has to pay all these benefits to their employees. So saving a few bucks actually means doing so at the expense of honest, hard-working people.

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