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Easy Peasy tips to give your home a makeover

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New Year is around the corner and this is the best time to give a great makeover to your home. You don’t even need to spend too much money to change the face of your home. You can do little things that can add a great impact on your home.

How about painting your ceiling? Or add a new rug to your living room. What about changing the doorknob of your room, or trimming the garden with a brand new look. Home improvement doesn’t take too much money, but when done right, it can a complete makeover to your home.

Here are few tips that can help you to give a fresh feel to your old home. No need to follow all the tips, but make sure to steal some tips that will add value to your new home.

Paint the ceiling:

Why? Because this will look different. It is cheap and it is this is why it will give a great makeover to your house. You don’t need anything expensive to do this. You just need some quality paint to do this right.

Invest in a great mat:

Mat is the first thing that people note when they enter your home. If you want to add value to any room or to add something that looks good to the eye, you can just spend a little that will add great value to your home.

Garnish your windows:

No, you don’t only garnish food, you garnish your windows too. Add some ripple-fold curtains to your windows and they are set to go.

Recover the outdated fireplace:

Do you have an old-school fireplace? Time to update it. Purchase the new set of ahearth-tool set. Paint it white, paint it black, or go for thegreen.

Add surprise in every room:

What is the best way to impress your loved one? Place a gift in every room. This will not only make the room look good, it will feel good too. You can place a gift in guest room too.

Dine at a gorgeous table:

Dine at a gorgeous table

Replace that big round table with a small 36 inch round table. It is not necessary to eat in a huge table. You can dine in a small cute table that will add beauty to your kitchen or even in the lounge.

Do the bathroom fixtures:

Change the faucets, showerheads, and the lights. You don’t need to keep the old stuff. Adding few things to your bathroom and fixing few things will add great value to your home, overall.

Replace old photos with new ones:

You can add new photos to change the flavor of your home. Every photo is attached with an emotion, if you change the photo it will trigger a new emotion with it.

Upgrade your bookshelf:

Books are like heaven on earth. Even if you don’t read books, it feels and looks great to add best seller books to your bookshelf. This creates a good first impression on others.

Replace the doorknobs:

One important thing that is often suggested by new house design team and builders is to replace the doorknobs with new ones. This creates an impression that you even care for old things.

Jazz up the curtains:

Just add few high-end graphics to your curtain and they add new flavor to your home.

To conclude it all:

All you need to do is to act smartly and change just a few things that will blow the minds of your friends. You can even brag about how hard you worked to turn the things upside down to do the complete makeover of your home.

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