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Dorin compressor spare parts: Air compressor maintenance

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read July 19, 2019 Last Updated on: April 15th, 2020

Air compressor

Like any other machine, in order to be effective over time, the air compressor needs proper maintenance. They are complex equipment with engines and moving and vulnerable parts, such as pipes, which could be damaged over time. As in any complex instrument, it will be important to respect certain maintenance rules. The duration of the compressor and the quality of the work carried out are directly related to adequate maintenance. Of course, time will come in where Dorin compressor spare parts will be needed, but with good maintenance, the compressor will last over time.

But what does the maintenance of a compressor imply? What should you do?

The first basic – but important – thing to do is cleaning the radiator from impurities once a week. In order to do this, just blow inside the machine with an air gun. This is one of the first steps regarding essential cleaning. Further, in the article, we will describe other main maintenance operations. Let’s see then which are the three most common maintenance operations for an air compressor:

  • The first one – the most frequent – concerns the condensate drain. Nothing complicated actually, because now all the compressors are equipped with a special valve (located below the tank) that once is “opened” let condensation escape. Carrying out this maintenance operation is necessary to avoid that a good quantity of condensate can escape beyond the air and, therefore, ruin your work. To understand the importance of this, try to think about cleaning your pc. While doing this operation, condensation would end up on the electrical parts and, in short, this would mean ruining the computer.
  • Cleaning the air filter: Compressor maintenance also requires cleaning the air filter. This operation is much simpler than replacing the oil because it is sufficient to simply remove the cover, remove the prefilter and continue either with the suction or directly with the replacement.
  • Check the oil level: The compressor oil should be checked after about 300 hours of use and should be replaced after 500 hours. In the case of some compressors, you can use for example Dorin compressor spare parts. This is for sure an important maintenance operation but can be performed definitely less frequently than the previous one. It could take many years before the oil should be replaced. In fact, it depends on the type of use: For an amateur, who rarely uses the compressor, this operation could never occur.
    In the meantime, it is recommended to heat the oil in the crankcase, so that it becomes fluid and comes out. After disconnecting the power cord and in order to avoid stains, place a sheet of newspaper on the surface where you are going to work. After that, place a special container under the casing in order to collect the old oil and unscrew the cap, so the oil will fall into the container.

And which oil should be used?

The first and most obvious solution is to find the right oil to buy directly reading the instruction manual of the machine. However, it can happen that the manual has been lost somewhere. In this case, the most obvious solution is to buy a lubricant produced by the same brand as the compressor. Like, for example, in the case of Dorin compressors is important to choose Dorin compressor spare parts. And if the brand does not produce its own oil, the advice is to contact directly the company and ask for information.

We hope this article is helpful and for any question or doubt, just contact the experts of Dorin, that will be happy to help with any issue regarding the maintenance of an air compressor.

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