If you have purchased the gun for your safety, you have to think of getting that gun’s license first. Now, if you have completed the formality of a concealed carry permit or the license formality to carry the gun with yourself, then the next thing you must think about is carrying the gun in the holster.

The type of holster that you carry must have the capacity to carry the gun safely and comfortably. There are different forms of holsters present in the market that many of us are not aware of.

In a study made by Forbes, it is found that some people like to use a magnetic holster to keep their guns safely.

Different Types Of Gun Holsters You Must Be Aware Of

Several kinds of holsters are there that you must know to use then for your safety. You must have the perfect knowledge about it to use it at your convenience.

1. Shoulder Holster  

You can wrap it around your shoulders. The shoulder holsters look stylish and attractive compared to other forms of holsters available in the market. The pocket of this holster hangs off, and the harness bands rest on the side of your rib cage. There are several pros of using this holster.

Pros Of Using Shoulder Holster  

  • You can carry additional accessories while using these holsters.
  • You can easily carry larger handguns if you are using this holster.
  • You can enjoy the ease of access while you are using this holster.
  • You need not add extra weight to your waistline.
  • It is quite comfortable compared to other holsters.

2. Inside Waistband Holster

The waistband holster is designed to keep it on your clip or otherwise attached to the belt or the pants so that you can easily carry it out inside your waistband. Your pants, slacks, and shorts perform the task of concealment.

The pros of using waistband holders are as follows. 

  • It is concealable even if you have to wear any casual attire.
  • You can still conceal the handguns if your clothing rides higher.
  • You can easily remove the holster if it is not in use.

3. Outside The Waistband Holster  

The OWB holsters comprise two categories of holsters like paddle holsters and belt holsters. Booth the holsters are designed to keep them outside of your pants. Most of the time, it is attached to a belt. In the case of concealment, these holsters are the least effective.

The pros of using the Outside the Waistband Holster  

  • Compared to other holsters, it has the fastest draws.
  • You can keep guns of all sizes in this holster.
  • You can also carry additional accessories too if you use this holster.

You can also buy the holsters from We The People Holsters to get the best for yourself as per your requirement.

4. Ankle Holster

An Ankle Holster is another best form of a holster that you can use to keep your guns safely. It provides the most effective concealment to your guns. Remember one thing while using this holster is your pants must not be cut or worn too tightly.

The pros of using an Ankle holster are as follows:

  • You can conveniently carry your backup guns while using this holster.
  • It is easy to conceal the guns properly.
  • It is not obtrusive.

5. Thigh Holster  

These holsters can be strapped on your thighs. It is best for women’s usage as they wear skirts and other dresses. The concealment factors come the best from those particular pieces of clothing.

Pros Of Thigh Holster Are As Follows 

  • It is best for women who need to wear dresses and skirts.
  • The concealment factor of this holster is beneficial.
  • You can easily access the handgun in this holster.

Benefits of Buying  Gun Holsters

There are several benefits of buying the Gun holsters while you are purchasing the right custom gun holsters.

Let’s explore some of the beneficial factors in light of this matter to understand it better.

1.Protects Your Gun

The best part of the Gun Holsters is protecting your gun from theft and other unwanted situations that you do not want to face from your end. Your worries for the Gun theft will be over if you use the proper hostler as per your needs.

Your gun will be protected in the right order when selecting the right holster of your choice during combat situations.

2. Pocket Carry  

You can easily carry the gun in your pocket and can use it whenever you require it the most if you have the right hostler as per your gun size. You must select the holsters as per your requirements.

Ensure that your pocket has the carrying capacity to hold more guns as per the situation’s needs. You cannot compromise on those issues.

3. Adjustable

You must select such a holster that you can adjust it as per your needs. It must satisfy your requirement when you need it the most. Mostly it will work well in the combat situation. Ensure that you have the right weapon shelf with you to meet your requirements.

An adjustable holster can enable you to accommodate more guns for your need. It will help you to do more in times of dire situation when you require it the most.


Now, if you plan to buy the best holster of your choice, then these above options will suit you the best. You can buy any of these holsters of your choice as per your need. If you want to know the advanced security gear options for your guns, there are many sites present online that can provide you with the same information.

Ensure that you have set your priorities in the right manner while selecting the Holster of your choice. Your holster holding capacity matters a lot; you cannot ignore these facts. Ensure that you have chosen the right holster while facing any combat situation during your service time. You cannot consider things for granted here. Your right choice can save your life.

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