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Tax Attorney

Most of the taxpayers in Georgia may need assistance in filing their taxes to the IRS. You can read more about IRS audits and collections on this link here. For many business owners, they need to write accurate numbers, and they should be able to defend themselves when there’s an investigation. For the people who are filing their income taxes, they should be able to fill up the forms without missing anything.

To prevent too much headache, some lawyers have the credentials to act as an accountant and representative in court. Some people may think that hiring a professional attorney is expensive. But the truth is that they can spend more when they are paying taxes, fees, and penalties. They can even spend their time in jail, even if they are innocent. Without proper representation, they won’t be able to provide satisfactory answers on why the numbers are not matching.

The attorneys’ fees can be reasonably discussed, and they are very affordable. Besides, they can prevent you from getting into too many problems, especially if you are set to appear in court. Having someone who looks at your financial reports and balance sheets will give you the peace of mind that you are paying the right taxes that are due to the IRS.

Why do You Need to Hire?

Some people may think that they can handle the problems with taxes on their own. They might avoid paying for a professional lawyer since they believe that it’s an extra expense. However, issues such as mistakes while filing, missing documents, and other issues can lead to jail time and significant fines from the IRS.

When you are in a situation where your estate is taxable, you need a competent and trusted lawyer to plan your strategies. The tax attorney Atlanta, Georgia, can help you whenever you are required to file tax returns.

You also need legal counsel, especially when you are starting a business. This will protect you from bankruptcies, and account freezes if something goes amiss. The attorney will be able to help you draft contracts, check your financial records, and avoid legal issues. A random investigation by the IRS should also be taken seriously since you need to protect your assets, workers, and business.

Excellent lawyers can help you appeal in court, communicate with the judges and IRS officials, and help you save money. They can advise you on how you can get credits and returns and save you lots by slashing off unnecessary tax contributions.

How to Look for One?

attorneys in Georgia

You can start to look for attorneys in Georgia by asking your banker or accountant. They know the industry so well that they have connections that can significantly help you. You need to choose an attorney with a good reputation and favorable reviews from past clients.

You may want to search on the internet for the ones that are experts in your specific field of business. If the group of attorneys in Cumberland has a website, then all the better. You can check client reviews and feedback about their services and how well they have handled their previous cases.

Another thing that you can do is to check tax organizations or databases. If you have already chosen a lawyer, you need to see if he or she is listed in the National Association of Tax Professionals. You can know more about this association here: This list is public, and seeing that your lawyer is registered will give you peace of mind. Check your local bar associations and see if there were disciplinary actions filed for misconduct on a specific lawyer. If their records are clean, then congratulate yourself since they are invaluable.

Confirming the Qualifications


When you are dealing with someone who claims that they have the proper credentials and qualifications, you need to do a bit of research yourself. They should have a valid license to provide their services as well as a J.D. or a Juris Doctor. If they are included on a listing at a site, they will likely include their credentials to increase their chances of finding the right client.

If you are dealing with financial issues, you may want to look for a lawyer that is also a certified public accountant. They are instrumental when dealing with tax issues and other financial aspects of your life. If the attorney specializes in problems with the IRS, then you hit the jackpot. These professionals can better understand how the internal revenue works, and they can better represent you in the courts of Georgia.

The attorney will likely list this specific experience on their profiles and resumes, so make sure to look for them. Some have previously worked as an investigator for the IRS so they will have a better idea of what to expect during an inquiry. They know which aspects of your business are going to be inspected, and they can prepare better paperwork that will satisfy the people from the IRS.

To take things further, you should set up an initial consultation on the attorney’s office. You may want to check first the fees for meetings before booking, but some can do this for free. You can opt to pay per services or go for the hourly rate. Either way, choose the arrangement that will work best for both of you. The benefit of the pay per service is that you only have to spend the fee for the service that you get without any unnecessary costs.

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