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Climbing Made Safe with Fixed Ladders in Industries

author-img By Joel Borthwick 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Fixed Ladders in Industries

Almost every building needs a sturdy access to its elevation for maintenance and occupant safety. That’s where a fixed ladder renders the safe approach towards the elevated areas of the building. Fixed roof access ladders are attached to the rooftops and ceilings so that people can utilize the space without risking their lives. Generally, ladders can be moved from one place to another but using movable ladders to access the elevated areas of the building can prove dangerous and sometimes resulting in death. n These factors, have led to the introduction of fixed roof access ladders.

Different companies manufacture different types of fixed ladders according to their safety vision while following the strict manufacturing standards of their respective countries. Fixed ladders are made up of aluminum, steel, and wood.

Some of the common types of fixed ladders are:

  • Mini Fixed Angled Ladders
  • Fixed angle ladders
  • Caged Ladders
  • Fold Down Ladders
  • Ladder Accessories
  • Fall Arrest Fixed Ladders
  • 90-degree fixed ladders.
  • Standard Vertical Fixed Ladders

Though the above types are the popular ones, it is company specific to what fixed roof access ladders they prefer manufacturing based on the market demand. US companies strictly follow the OSHA and ANSI standard while other companies follow the standard of their respective countries.

Fixed roof access ladders comprise of Rungs, Side members, stand-off brackets, and cages. People mostly prefer the light weighted aluminum fixed ladders because of their non-rusty nature and safe access as compared to the steel ladders.

While designing fixed ladders, it is ensured that the diameter of the stepping bars has enough space to rest the hands and feet of the climbers irrespective of their body type. Higher the diameter of the stepping bars, higher the user comfort and safety

Earlier, ladders were manufactured using wood but since 19th-century aluminum and steel is preferred over it as they prove to be much comfortable and safer option. However, over the years, the standards of making have gone for a makeover in different countries.

According to OSHA latest standard, it is mandatory for the US companies to provide the workers working on the rooftop of the buildings with fixed ladders to avoid any sort of injuries or loss of life while working. In addition, OSHA has also defined some rules that need to be followed by the US companies while selecting the fixed ladders for their workers.

As much attention is paid towards the quality and fixing of fixed ladders due attention must be paid while using the fixed ladders:

  • A person must be well trained before allowing to use a fixed ladder.
  • Always avoid wearing slippery shoes while climbing the ladder as it increases the probability of falling.
  • Do not skip the stepping bars while climbing the ladder as it increases the chances of losing the balance.
  • One person at a time must climb the ladder. Regular maintenance of Fixed ladders with steel body is a must as they may suffer the corrosion which degrades the safety while using the ladders.
  • In case of rain and snowfall, the fixed ladders should not be used to avoid accidents.

Industries and businesses where workers need to work on the rooftop or ceiling should opt for the fixed roof access ladders to ensure the safety of workers and avoid workplace accidents caused due to usage portable ladders.

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