Are you planning for a startup in Dubai? It does not matter how big or small your business idea is; you may need legal advice at some point. So, it’s important to hire a law agency or lawyer who can overlook your legal matters.

However, the main concern is finding the right law firm in Dubai. There are some important factors that you need to consider while choosing a legal firm for your startup. In this article, you will get some useful tips that will help you to find the best law firm.

Tips for Choosing the Best Law Firm

Finding the Best law firm randomly that is local to you is not going to work for you. Your business has unique needs, and it’s your responsibility to find a law firm that has experience in those fields. You should consider the following factors while choosing a law firm.

Choosing the Right Type of Law Firm

Each law firm is not fit for every type of legal matter. A law firm that has legal professionals with specialization in domestic affairs cannot serve a business.

So, the first thing to keep in mind is you are choosing The best law firm that deals with business laws, and it has relevant experience. Although an advocate can help you in your legal matters in need, you can follow these tips to avoid business litigations.

Licensed by Dubai Legal Affairs Department

Once you choose the right type of law firm, you need to ensure that the legal firm that you are hiring has the riDubai’st to represent your legal matters. So, it’s a crucial factor to consider whether the regulatory body licenses it. The Government of Dubai and Legal Affairs Department is the authorized body that approves licenses to advocates, legal consultants, and legal firms.

Documentation Requirement

Next, the legal firm you choose must have qualified local advocates who can translate the documents into Arabic. As per local regulations, the documents must be properly translated to Arabic before submitting them to the court. So, it’s an essential factor that you must consider to avoid any misinterpretation of your documents.

International Memberships and Associations

Choosing The best law firm that has associations with international networks is recommended. For instance, the legal firm that is associated with international bodies, such as the American Bar Association or TAG laws, is better. It shows that law firms can provide legal services in foreign jurisdictions as they have adequate standards. However, they may charge you higher than local legal firms.

Advocates and Legal Consultants

Another important factor you need to ensure that  the law firm you hire must contain the phrase “Advocates and Legal Consultants,” not just “Legal Consultants.” Although a legal consultant can be sent to the court for dealing with your legal matters, the above factor is essential. A legal consultant can only know about the legal procedures but doesn't have the necessary qualification and experience.

Inquire the Experience of the Advocates

It's common sense that a well-experienced advocate or legal consultant can deal with your legal matters in a better way. So, it’s essential to consider that the law firm has qualified and experienced legal consultants and advocates.

Moreover, higher courts, like the court of cassation, mandates that the advocates must have certain years of experience. Therefore, you must ask about the experience of the advocates upfront.

Interpretation of the UAE Laws and Regulations

Another important factor to consider is that the legal firm must have a clear understanding of the applicable laws. Additionally, legal professionals should know the possible legal consequences and the implications of various legal matters.

Although the consequences are more or less similar irrespective of the legal strategies a lawyer follows, it’s better to choose a law firm that adheres to the UAE laws and regulations.

Legal Fees and Charges

Don’t forget to consider the fees and charges of the legal firms. Almost every law firm has fixed charges and hourly rates for legal services. However, you need to ensure that the legal firm charges a maximum threshold while charging hourly rates.

Otherwise, you have to pay unnecessary expenses that you may regret later. On the other hand, try to avoid selecting a cheap legal firm that has no relevant experience. You shouldn’t choose to save money at the cost of losing an important legal case.

Search, Shortlist, and Select

Finally, don’t just settle with the first law firm you found on the internet or in your locality. Search for several law firms and shortlist at least three of them. Now, go thoroughly on their websites, enquire all your questions, and compare all of them.

After comparing, select the best one considering the above factors. Once you select a law firm, don’t take further legal advice from multiple legal firms as it can lead to confusion.

Bonus Tips:

  • The first meeting with a legal firm is free. So, take it to your advantage by asking all the questions you may have.
  • Don’t settle with the first legal firm you meet; compare at least three.
  • Law firms with over 100 years of experience and the most popular legal firms are quite expensive.
  • Legal firms that are not so popular can also give you the proper legal service you need with a low budget.
  • On the other hand, it’s not the best practice to hire any legal firm just to save money.


Hopefully, the above information has helped you understand how startups in Dubai can choose the best law firm. A well-experienced lawyer with a clear understanding of UAE laws is what is recommended. Additionally, it’s better to hire a law firm that has prior experience in servicing similar types of legal matters as yours. Finally, if you have any queries, please mention them in the comment section.

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