The Most Epic Moments from the Blue Beetle Movie You Can’t Miss!

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Blue Beetle Movie

Blue Beetle is the latest DC film to be added to the already vast superhero universe. The movie is having an intriguing time at the box office since it is an unusual entry in the franchises. The brand is going through a shift, too. The film earned higher reviews than The Flash, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam, despite having the lowest opening weekend of any DC Universe picture. Box office-wise, it performed quite well on National Cinema Day, coming in second only to Barbie. It became the day’s most popular movie. Also, it held up compared to most DC movies over its second weekend.

It may not be a box office success, but audiences who do watch it seem to enjoy it. The movie Blue Beetle embodies many of the characteristics of the world of superheroes. It enables an underrepresented population to identify with a widely told tale. There are many wonderful moments in Blue Beetle, ranging from hilarious to heartwarming to very awesome.

Top Moments From Blue Beetle Movie

Top Moments From Blue Beetle Movie

Excited? Here are our top picks from the Blue Beetle movie in descending order (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!)



The third Blue Beetle, and presumably the most well-known, is Jaime Reyes. Due to the long history of the Blue Beetle moniker, he is also one of DC Comics’ most enduring characters. The Flash and Green Lantern both missed the early iterations and went right to the more well-known Silver Age heroes. Usually, however, most superhero movies try to steer clear of legacy characters. With Ant-Man, Marvel Studios did this, except Hank Pym served as Scott Lang’s tutor rather than the main Ant-Man.

Although Blue Beetle primarily tells Jaime Reyes’s story, it also connects him to his predecessors, Dan Garrett and Ted Kord. The vast comic book background of the character serves a narrative function cast on screen. It portrays a rich DC history. It also drives the idea that Jaime is a typical young lad unwittingly thrust into a serious situation.

Blue Beetle demonstrates any member of a legacy character without having to do the origins of the other characters first. It is all thanks to a great nod to the original characters’ attire.



The Scarab affixes itself to Jaime Reyes and immediately takes off to test its systems and take over as host. The sequence is hilarious as Jaime freaks out about everything that is happening to him. It also includes him soaring around the city, flying into space, and slicing a bus in half. The scenario is comparable to Tony Stark trying out his armor in Iron Man. Or the scene where Peter Parker discovered his new powers in Spider-Man from 2002. It is a happy sequence that superhero movies no longer frequently include.



Although the scene in the trailer is noteworthy, the scene in the actual film is, in some ways, even better. Jaime Reyes creates a massive sword that resembles Cloud from Final Fantasy after realizing he can be more inventive with the weapons he can construct. From that point on, Blue Beetle’s action truly picks up and becomes epic. A high-budget super sentai scenario adapted for the big screen comes to mind when observing the massive power suits colliding with numerous weaponry and energy blasts.



The fact that Blue Beetle’s family participates in the action and is aware of his superhuman status sets it apart from a number of superhero films. The family embarks on a rescue expedition to save Jaime towards the movie’s conclusion. Rudy (George Lopez), his uncle, gets to drive the Beetle car, while Jenny (Isabella Aparicio) receives her own weapon to battle evil guys. His mother, Rocio, played by Elphdia Carrillo, encourages her son to be a hero while also enjoying that role.



Nana, who is portrayed by the lovely Adriana Barraza, steals the show. She was first only depicted as a kind grandmother, but when things go tough, she is the relative who stands forward and orders the others to go rescue Jaime from the bad guys. When her granddaughter Jenny inquires as to how she knows how to hold it, the movie reveals that she was once a revolutionary. She then immediately snatches one of the early Blue Beetle’s guns.

One of the best moments in the film results from this excellent, deep information in this character’s past, which demonstrates how much of a life she had before being a mother and grandma. She rushes to her grandson’s aid as the Blue Beetle armor reboots and dispatches a number of goons with her weapon. Her stepping up and preparedness to defend her family at any cost echoes the central theme of the movie. The Reyes family’s relationship is their greatest strength.



The best scene in Blue Beetle is thrilling and tragically all too real. In an effort to locate Jaime and the Scarab towards the midpoint of the film, Victoria Hand orders her special military to crash into the Reyes home. In the midst of their screams, sobs, and sitting in fear for their lives, a group of armed military personnel storm into the home of a Mexican-American family. They are then dragged out into the street. This reminds me of actual instances where Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have removed families from their homes.

But when Jaime arrives wearing his full Blue Beetle gear and dispatches the numerous soldiers, the situation swiftly changes. A dramatic image of Blue Beetle utilizing his talents to shield not only his family but also a Mexican-American family of armed soldiers is one that many people probably wish they could have.

Where Does Blue Beetle Fit?

There is much debate about Blue Beetle being set in James Gunn’s updated DC Universe or the first DC Extended Universe. The character’s future has been the subject of conflicting comments. The best part is that Blue Beetle can take part wherever it wants in the DC Universe. The DC Universe becomes apparent via references to Superman, Batman, and The Flash. However, which one, is left up to the audience to pick?

The movie can fit into any universe, whether it’s James Gunn’s proposed DC Universe or the original Zack Snyder DCEU. One could claim that it occurs in the world of Christopher Reeves’ Superman, Michael Keaton’s Batman, or even the Arrowverse. It’s energizing to see a fully developed, realistic DC Universe executed so beautifully without baggage.

Wrapping Up

Superheroes are representations of power, and in the early days of the genre, Superman fought for the underdogs as a social crusader. This tradition is continued in Blue Beetle. It provides a fleeting scene in which those who tear families apart are appropriately portrayed as wicked guys. To add a cherry on top, they are assaulted by a Mexican-American hero. And we love a good representation! Even while the actual world differs from movies in many ways, it is difficult to deny that we sometimes wish it did.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about the Blue Beetle movie, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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