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Many experts confirm that Bitcoin is quite a good way of investment. But limiting investments with it is unfair as there are other good cryptocurrencies as well. It will be a good choice to invest in others like, for example, Ethereum. Read more about how to convert BTC to Ethereum.

The Close Connection of MATIC (POLYGON) and Ethereum

The Close Connection of MATIC (POLYGON) and Ethereum

Polygon is a platform for creating and connecting blockchain networks. These networks are compatible with Ethereum. The checking points for the Ethereum main chain are carried out by Polygon validators now and then. This procedure gives birth to a mechanism for resolving any transaction disputes that may arise in the sidechain.

The role of MATIC cryptocurrency is instrumental, and specifically in the procedures of operations and maintenance of Polygon. Polygon is a robust platform and its strength is hidden in some aspects. The tight bond between Polygon and Ethereum is very reliable.

For Ethereum, Polygon is advantageous, too. The latter makes the Ethereum network client-oriented and swifter. In addition, Polygon preserves the connection with the Ethereum blockchain in all possible ways. So, MATIC and Ethereum are closely interrelated to each other.

Four Ways to Purchase MATIC

Four Ways to Purchase MATIC

In this part of the article, you can find four ways to purchase MATIC. These four exchanges allow you to perform the purchase with Bitcoin, credit, or debit cards.

1. Binance

Nowadays, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is Binance. It is best suitable especially for those who live in Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, and international users. However, please pay attention to the fact that it is forbidden for US residents to buy MATIC.

2. Kraken

Another reliable way of buying MATIC is Kraken, which is probably the easiest way of performing the purchase. It is a trustworthy digital asset and a global cryptocurrency for ensuring strong security, the founders based Kraken on high-quality and experienced technologies. The project details and proper procedures make the funds here in high security. With Kraken, you feel the real comfort and the relief.

Furthermore, it is not only one of the safest and most secure crypto exchanges, but also it offers the lowest fees in the industry.

3. WazirX

Another good option for buying MATIC is WazirX. Being an integral part of the Binance Group guarantees itself professional standards, efficiency, and quality. This popular exchange is ready to accept everyone all over the world. The clients sometimes are astonished to learn that it is India’s largest cryptocurrency as the number of Indian clients is sometimes equal to international clients.


Being on exchange platforms for already a decade, is not that popular. This fact, however, doesn’t mean that it is not a good way to purchase MATIC. Our experts highly recommend turning to if you want to perform purchase of Matic as it is not very difficult to deal with its interface. Especially beginners find it funny when they don’t face serious problems. At the same time, has high-caliber charts for different skill levels, such as technical traders. Another strong point of this exchange is the strongness and readiness against any market manipulation. This option of buying MATIC is enjoyed and appreciated mainly in the US.

There are many options for buying MATIC, and it is up to you to decide which best one is for you. For more information on MATIC network exchange, go on diving into the details of all variants.

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