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15 Psychology Books That Will Make You a Better Leader, Communicator, and Persuader

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read March 1, 2024

best psychology books

Are you fascinated with psychology and how it works? Do you know how you can act more effectively? If you have an idea, how does it all work? Read the article to learn about some of the best psychology books that will be immensely beneficial in the future.

Even in your present planning, the books will contribute to understanding the close resemblance of psychological mind space and how it influences everything around you. It will also guide you in addressing how people think and behave so you can effectively behave around them.

This is an important way these books benefit you in the long term. However, even if you want an immediate response, you must understand that these books will be heavily beneficial for you.

In this article, I have chosen books that are diverse and help you understand yourself better. Why is this important, you ask? Just like the best books on money, the best psychology books will bring out your internal conflicts in a way that will help you manage them.

15 Psychology Books That Will Make You a Better Leader, Communicator, and Persuader

Top Psychology Books

Why is it important to learn the psychological aspects of one’s personality? Do you think psychology helps in understanding oneself and others? When you try to reach your full potential, psychology is important, especially in understanding their behavior and responses.

The books I am making a list of are diverse regarding topics and their context! Personal lives, management of work, individual understanding, individual growth, and personality evaluation are in some way or other highlighted in these books.

I have also focused on exposing the book to you so you can decide which one you would like to read. Please read this article to learn about the 15 best psychological books and how they are quite efficient regarding their topic.

Thinking Fast And Slow

Thinking Fast And Slow

The popular book “Thinking Fast and Slow” is written by Daniel Kahneman, who claims that the actions and behavior of an individual are contradictory. The way our brain is made up often functions on decisions and judgment. It is therefore important to consider the changes you expect!

The book talks about two systems: a conscious mind, and the other is an automatic response. According to Daniel Kahneman, the brain is lazy and tries to prevent you from using it to its complete potential.

What you need to apply here is to think of ways to cope with your brain! This is quite efficient when it comes to reading the best books for starting a business because it helps in identifying the shortcomings!

Descartes’ Error

Descartes’ famous proclamation, “I think therefore I am,” is considered in this book by the writer Antonio R. Damasio. It is more of a consideration towards the cognitive side than the emotional one! He uses neuroscience and case studies to prove that the mind and body are connected.

When you read the book, you will realize that we need emotions and rationality to understand an individual’s behavior. The mind’s ability is discussed regarding the significance of emotions in life. Emotional stability is an important part of the logic you apply when making a decision!

Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus

The book is by John Gray and became quite popular, especially when it addressed the key differences between men and women. This is significant to improve the relationship between men and women.  

The writer explains how men and women are quite different in communication; therefore, they are assigned different meanings of the same word. Men are more encouraged when they feel useful, while women are inspired when they feel love.

You must read the book to learn about the significance of communication and comprehension! I know it is quite similar when it comes to motivation. You never know, I might be included in the list of best motivational books.

Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely wrote the book Predictably Irrational, which talks about hidden forces that drive specific decisions we make in life. At times, these decisions are less rational, but overall, it is important to interact with others, live their lives, and know better.

It is a powerful book, especially when predicting the patterns based on which human behavior is influenced. At times, we, as humans, overvalue what we have. This is a grave mistake because it is important to understand the value of what you own.

Comparison is also an important pattern in human behavior that keeps recurring. It might sound irrational, but it is predictable. You need to acquire the key takeaways from this book to understand your pattern!

When you read this book, you will realize that the book gives you an idea of how to predict the other person’s behavior. It might be identified as a judgment or an assumption; however, the psychology book does that to you. It prepares you better to manage the overall response and reciprocity when it comes to a certain kind of expectations.


The book Attached has the caption “The new science of Adult attachment and how it can help you find and keep love”! The book gives a detailed understanding of how some relationships thrive and others crash. You will learn how to steer a clear path in your lifetime based on the human need for attachment! 

The author assures that attachment is a need, and there is a prerequisite for how one can lead a healthy and happy life. He has highlighted three different attachment styles based on which you can understand how to develop a more satisfactory and stronger bond.

Everything Is F*cked

The book is everything you will not expect when reading the title! There are philosophical suggestions and some practical nuances where happiness can be achieved. The writer talks about amazing technological discoveries, which also give people hopelessness.

The article also addresses mental illnesses, where chasing happiness is quite important. However, there are significant dependencies and addictions based on which people are unable to achieve true freedom. Following specific principles and accepting problems will solve half of them.

The book might give you an understanding that nothing seems as it is. However, it will provide you with a better idea of managing the changes you face.

Personality Isn’t Permanent

If you refuse to be defined by their past, this is the book for you! Benjamin Hardy has written the book “Personality Isn’t Permanent,” where the question is, do the behaviors and attitudes of a person change? 

Psychologist Benjamin Hardy’s claim that people do not change is wrong. Rather, this notion impacts the perspective of an individual trying to achieve something. It creates a distance regarding a person trying to achieve something, which keeps them from growing further.

The writer has used scientific explanations and offered practical advice regarding the five destructive myths.

The Wisdom Of Insecurity

As a writer, Alan Watts has discussed how real-life incidents and events influence our perception of stability. Consumerism is an important part of growth. Hence, the psychological need for stability brings to the forefront how problems can be resolved.

Anxiety among humans has also been addressed in this book as a common aspect that directly impacts the stability of their being. Being vulnerable and unstable is common, but how to bring into perspective your psychological security is exactly what this book teaches us.

The Personality Brokers

The book by Merve Emre uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to discuss the history of personality tests. It is one of the most popular personality testing processes, so its birth has been shared with readers.

The writer said in the book that she was suffering from low-level paranoia because she could feel people watching her and tapes being erased while files disappeared. There are benefits and uses of the personality test, even though the test is scientifically unsound.

If you read this book, you will better understand how self-help might contribute to the overall evaluation of a personality! You can relate to some of the concepts that you will find in some of the best parenting books on the market!

The Happiness Hypothesis

Jonathan Haidt, the book’s writer, wrote something very beautiful: “Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants.” Both work and love are an integral part of our psychology. Hence, the writer has used real-life examples to derive a formula to create happiness.

The claims in the book have been backed up by scientific research and a thorough analysis of modern society. If you ask a question regarding the book’s significance, it will help you with a good starting point.

The book is a provocation, especially when using traditional wisdom to perform well in the modern world. The author advises work that matters to you: choose a partner who stands at your side in good and bad and surround yourself with people who live according to love and reciprocity.

The Road Back To You

Written by Ian Morgan Cron, the book will help you identify your pros and cons using the Enneagram test. The type of person you are will be clearer when you read this book because the focus is on the ancient personality typing system, which helps you get deeper knowledge.

The spiritual side of personalities is addressed in the book, along with explanations about the nine personality types. When you read the book, you will gain deeper knowledge into what kind of people behave in a certain way. Furthermore, you will receive more clarity regarding how people act or react in a certain way!


Robert Cialdini wrote this book to inform how people truly feel and how their actions are more effective than their words. The book is a go-to for marketers after it was published in 1984, which talks about the six key principles regarding human influence.

He uses countless practical examples when explaining human influence and persuasion. If you are working in a job profile where persuasion is an important skill, this book is something you should have.

If you want to succeed, read this book to understand how our feelings influence us on a larger scale, along with correctly interpreting reciprocity. Smaller commitments work better when it comes to maintaining consistency.

The Psychology Of Selling

The book “The Psychology of Selling” is a product that will motivate any individual to work on their self-image along with helping them relate to their concerns. Consider the techniques and strategies to make sales faster.

As a reader, I have realized that the subconscious is quite powerful, and the book has used it to influence us. The writer has used ways to explain how passion and motivation are integral to learning among the right people.

You will also incur some of the holy grail when evaluating and understanding the customers’ needs. This book has been accumulated keeping in mind how sales work and how you can determine it psychologically.

The Tipping Point

The book “The Tipping Point” discusses elements that must come together for the viral effect. If you want to start something new, you must take steps towards making the idea a reality. The writer Malcolm Gladwell explains the diverse trends and ideas that make people interesting.

When you read the book, you will learn about three kinds of people who have ideas. He also explained how any idea must reach a tipping point to succeed. The book has been one of the bestsellers where you can analyze diverse trends and ideas.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The book has been written by Daniel Goleman, who claims that emotional intelligence is a significant aspect of leading a successful life. If you plan to navigate the world calmly and practically, you must use your emotional intelligence to create practical advice.

When you read the book, you will learn what it means to have a high IQ and how to react to it! The book highlights that there are two parts of the brain: one is logical, and the other is emotional. It determines how an individual will deal with various aspects of life.

Finishing Off…

You will see that I have suggested some of the best psychological books on the market. A lot can be derived from books as they help you identify significant psychological insecurities and how to work on them effectively.

When you read the article, you will realize that the 15 psychological books are a step towards overall growth and development in your inner self. You understand that uncertainty is one of the scariest things humans face daily; hence, they try to integrate routine and pattern.

Simultaneously, you will develop a perspective when it comes to ideas and their implementation in the long term. Comment on what you think about psychological books being effective in bringing a change among you.

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