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Painkiller Addiction

Medicine is one of the best ways we deal with our pain. But what if your medicine is actually your biggest source of pain?

Individuals who take painkillers are always at risk of falling into a painkiller addiction. However, many people don’t understand the signs that they may be abusing their medication.

Worried that you might have a painkiller addiction? Keep reading to learn how you can find the answer!

You Get Angry If Someone Brings It Up:

The last warning sign of painkiller addiction is very straightforward. Ask yourself: do you get mad if someone talks about your use of the pills?

If friends or family ask you about how many pills you’re taking, it’s simply because they are worried about your health. And they’ve likely identified the signs of addiction, as it is similar with alcohol as well as pills.

If you get angry as soon as they bring up, the reason for that is simple: you know that they’re right!

It’s Always On Your Mind:

One of the biggest signs of a painkiller addiction is also one of the simplest. Just ask yourself: is it always on your mind?

If you find yourself counting the minutes and seconds until you can take your next dose, then you may already be addicted. And from there, it’s a slippery slope to taking more pills than you are supposed to.

This is primarily true if it’s been a while since the incident requiring painkillers. As time goes on, you are supposed to need them less and less.

If you find yourself relying on things like hydrocodone more and more, then you may need to seek out a hydrocodone addiction treatment plan.

Big Mood Swings:

Another main pain pill addiction sign is if the medication is affecting your moods. This primarily manifests itself in major mood swings.

For instance, you might find yourself swinging from the heights of euphoria to a deep depression. And unless you have a family history of manic tendencies, then these swings could be tied to your use of (and reliance on) painkillers.

Be brave enough to talk to friends and family about it. They would best be able to tell you if you haven’t been acting like yourself.

You Go To Multiple Doctors:

The biggest warning sign yet of a painkiller addiction is if you are going to multiple doctors with the same prescription. That’s because this means you have a singular goal: getting more pills than you’re supposed to have.

Your doctor is supposed to make an effort to mediate how many pills you get, and to also observe your behavior while you’re taking them. If you’re going from doctor to doctor, it means you’re stockpiling pills and avoiding your primary doctor.

Take it from us: this red flag is as big as it gets!

Painkiller Addiction: The Bottom Line:

Now you know how to identify painkiller addiction and potentially escape the cycle of abuse. But do you know how you’ll improve your life next?

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