6 Reasons Lanyards Are Great For Business

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Regardless of the office dress code, there’s one thing that can bring all employees together: lanyards.

Whether in the office, at a trade show, or attending a conference, it’s likely that you’ve seen your fair share of lanyards. You might even have a collection of your own–each with its own unique style, slogan, logo, and advertising statement.

So why do businesses use lanyards?

Lanyards can help your business combine fashion with functionality. They make a great marketing tool and they’re easily customizable. No matter what the style, mission statement, or logo–your lanyards reflect what’s great about your business and your employees.

Ordering custom lanyards is easy with any style. As a professional lanyard manufacturer, GS-JJ can help a lot in your design. You can find a professional design team with free design and no minimum to save your time and cost in GS-JJ.

Whether for ID purposes or brand visibility, lanyards are perfect for taking your business to the next level.

What Are Lanyards?

Sometimes called badge holders or pass holders, lanyards consist of a cord or rope which is worn around the neck. They’re usually used to carry a card for identification, information, or security purposes.

Lanyards are lightweight, versatile, and can offer your business a wide range of day-to-day benefits and advertising exposure. They’re used in thousands of businesses all across the country, including hospitals, schools, offices, and churches. You can also use them for large-scale events like fundraisers, exhibits, or conventions.

Regardless of their use, if easy identification and brand advertising would make life in your workplace easier, lanyards might be just what you need.

Why Are Lanyards Great for Business?

Custom lanyards have always been an integral part of company unity and promotion. Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re just looking to give your brand an upgrade, lanyards could be the deciding factor.

Simply put, if your business plan doesn’t already include lanyards, it’s time to get with the picture. Don’t let your business get left behind–here are six reasons lanyards are great for business.

1. They make things simple:

Lanyards aren’t just stylish–they’re pretty functional too.

Using a lanyard makes life in the workplace just that much easier. They can help you identify members of staff who work in the building, show which department they work in, and make sure that everybody’s names are easily accessible. They can also help identify any visitors to your building.

This means your office will be safer too. If any unauthorized individuals enter the workplace, they can be easily identified and reported.

2. They bring people together:

Especially for larger offices, lanyards can help bring employees closer to each other and closer to customers.

With easily visible identification, employees can address each other on a first-name basis. This helps to create a more friendly, personal office environment. Not only will your employees be happier, but they’ll be more productive too.

Giving your office a more personal feel can also help make customers feel more at home.

Making names and departments visible can help prospective clients or customers find the person they need to speak with quickly and efficiently.

3. They’re easy to customize:

No matter how large your office is, ordering lanyards can be quick and easy.

You can bulk order lanyards at a low cost and customize them any way you want. With different materials, colors, styles, and fonts, you can make any lanyard unique. A great example of this is Wholesale Lanyards, where you can choose between three different material types and a whole range of add-ons.

Some options include nylon, polyester, woven, and full-color lanyards. Each can be created with a company logo and your choice of text.

Once you’ve decided what kind of lanyard you’re looking for, all you have to do is speak with a manufacturer and you can get them produced in less than a week.

4. They can unite your business:

On top of encouraging positive employee interactions, lanyards can also help you promote a sense of pride and unity among your workers.

When everybody is wearing the company logo, it adds to the feeling that they are all part of a cohesive team. You want your employees to feel like they’re contributing to a greater cause and helping to take the company to a new level.

Each time they look down at their lanyard, your employees are getting a reminder of who they work for and why they’re here. Nothing brings people together quite like a common cause.

5. They’re a great marketing tool:

It’s definitely not hard to spot a lanyard–they’re front and center on a company uniform.

Whether you’re using lanyards for a large event or even if your employee just leaves the office for a lunch break, lanyards can be the perfect marketing tool. Everybody who looks at your employee is going to see your company’s name, slogan, and logo.

Compared to the cost of other forms of advertising, lanyards can do just as much as a billboard or sign at a fraction of the price.

Let your lanyards do the talking–you can list contact information, social media or website links, and mission statements in order to promote your business.

6. They can be used for anything:

There are no limits to how lanyards can be used in the workplace.

Lanyards are perfect for a variety of different purposes–as an ID, an office badge, or even to carry around valuable cards or keys.

You can use lanyards in the workplace for your employees, at a convention for the attendees, or you can even hand them out at a community service event. If you’re at an exhibit or a show, lanyards help people easily identify which company you’re from so you can promote your brand.

Final Thoughts:

Lanyards offer a variety of benefits in an easy, affordable package.

For identification, workplace community, and marketing your brand, lanyards are a useful tool that everybody will love. Not only can you get your brand out there, but the versatility and customizable design mean that you can pick the perfect type of lanyard for your company’s needs.

Looking for more ways to take your business to the next level? Check out this article on successful office remodeling.

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