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Is Global Warming A Hoax? Five Scientific Evidence We Need To Know

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 30, 2020

global warming

In recent years, the science and evidence around global warming and climate change have been too loud to deny it anymore. Leaders, their scientific stooges and fossil fuel corporations have funded billions of dollars to make it a ‘hoax’.

However, the ever-growing destruction and environmental emergencies all over the world have made it amply clear that global warming has the capacity to wipe out humankind in.

The question no longer is about whether global warming or climate change is real or not. The question that confronts us now is- what are we doing to reverse the effects of the problem.

In this article, we will look at five identifications done by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. For anyone that tells you that global warming is a figment of imagination, it would be worthwhile to share a link to this article.

Five Scientific Pieces of evidence to show Global Warming and Climate Change is real 

1. Rise in Global Temperature on a year-on-year basis:

Global Temperature

The year 2019 was one of the hottest years in our recorded history with the close exception of 2016. This means that the last five years have witnessed a significant increase in the earth’s temperature.

Every year, we are witnessing an increase of nearly 1 Degree Celsius. The last thirty-five years contributed to most of the warming. Individual months also witnessed record temperatures for their respective months.

2. Glaciers are retreating and Ice sheets are melting:

The rise in temperatures is directly contributing to the melting of our Polar Ice Caps and the Ice Sheets of Greenland. Aerial shots reveal the extent of the damage that has already been done to these natural preservatives of our life.

Apart from performing the task of maintaining a balance of temperature, the Himalayan mountain glaciers are a source of drinking water and irrigation in countries like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

3. The rise in Sea Water Levels:

According to data collected by NASA, the global rise in sea levels has been close to eight inches in the last century. This means that nations and territories that are close to the sea can see a major portion of their landmass come undersea.

Venice, Maldives, Florida, and others have reported a substantial increase in seawater levels. This not only threatens the local population but also leads to a substantive loss in the local economy of the region.

4. Dangerous and Catastrophic Natural Disasters:

The Australian Bushfires have been estimated to kill nearly a billion indigenous wildlife in the country. This was preceded by the wildfires in California and Brazil. The scant rainfall, coupled with the heat and humidity of our forests and grasslands have made them susceptible to fire.

In addition to the above-mentioned natural disasters, heavy rainfall, an increase in cyclonic storms and hurricanes point to a weather condition that is definitely out of equilibrium. Natural weather and environmental crises are being brought about by man over-dependence on fossil fuels.

5. Increase in Ocean Acidification Levels and rise in Ocean Temperature:

Scientific studies have shown that carbon in the atmosphere contributes to increasing ocean acidification levels. The rise in ocean acidification and temperatures have reduced the ocean’s capacity to moderate our environment.

This not only has an impact on human conditions but is also adversely affecting our aquatic and marine life. The coral reefs are decreasing and many fishes and aquatic animals are washing up dead on beaches. Factories and countries continue to dump toxic materials, wastage, and plastic in the oceans.


Douglas Healy, an eminent legal expert on energy issues raises a very pertinent point. He says that there should be a gradual shift to renewable sources of energy.

The over-reliance of the world on fossil fuels and the lobbying by the business community is stopping governments and leaders from taking any radical actions. However, it is high time that we act on global warming and climate change.

The scientific evidence and facts are too obtrusive to be ignored anymore. This is not a fraud that is being orchestrated by a terrorist organization. This is not even a ploy by some illegitimate governments to destabilize the developed and democratic world.

Global Warming is real! Climate Change is real! If we fail to act now, we are going to lose our planet in the near future.

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