With the announcement of the lockdown (again) across the UK, we can’t help but work from home. We find ourselves relying on blue light blocking glasses. While working, we are bound to experience eye problems caused by the digital screens to which. But how do these glasses work?

Technology right now is so pervasive and wide-ranging, that we often find ourselves struggling with easily adapting to them. In the last decade or so, the use of digital devices has increased significantly that our eyesight hasn’t yet caught up and now we are paying the price.

It’s not like we don’t want to separate ourselves from devices but our lives are so deeply integrated that we often find it a challenge to allow a digital detox. For instance, our lives completely shifted from reading the physical newspaper to then being replaced with our smartphone, which emits blue light constantly, causing various eye risks.

Now you don’t just need reading glasses to read something when you hit an age, but also a blue light coating to eliminate all manner of eye complaints. Research suggests blue light rays emitted from smartphones, computers, laptops, and others causing headaches, eye pains, blurry vision, and other problems.

The eye risk is high enough to cause age-related macular degeneration and cataract if our eyes aren’t protected on time.

In this article, we aim to illustrate the science behind blue light and the ways to protect our eyes from it. The popular solution against blue light  -  blue light lenses. If you are interested in getting a pair for yourself, visit your Lenscrafters in Calgary to speak with a professional that can write you a prescription.

Do these lenses actually work? All your questions answered here.

What is blue light?

blue light

Blue light rays are just like any other light ray, emitted from the sun and is a part of the spectrum that includes varying levels of energy. Blue light rays emitted from the sun are generally healthy, it boosts our mood and energy levels. But the artificial blue light rays emitted from the digital screens are different. These rays are shorter but are made out of high energy.

Since our screens are in proximity to our eyes, the prolonged hours of blue light absorption isn’t good for us. These rays keep you from sleeping by disturbing our natural sleep cycle by keeping us awake and alert. And because blue light rays have more energy, it causes severe eye condition and discomfort. Blue light is responsible for causing serious eye damage and the risk of permanent eye diseases.

Eye problems caused by Blue light

Eye problems caused by Blue light

Blue light rays cause quite a lot of fiasco. It disrupts our natural sleeping pattern and causes digital eye strain, along with the risk of permanent eye diseases. Most importantly, since our eyes can’t block blue light rays by themselves, it’s continuous penetration in our eyes is quite painful to bear. This is where blue light-blocking glasses enter. With blue light lenses, these glasses protect us from all the harms of blue light and act as a protective barrier for our eyes from the risk of advanced technology.

How do blue light lenses work?

blue light lenses

Blue light lenses present in gaming glasses, computer glasses, and others are extremely efficient in protecting our eyes from blue light. Here’s how they work -

Micro-layer technology

Blue light lenses are made out of small microlayers designed into the lenses. These micro-layers help to reflect the incoming light from passing through the lens. So scientifically speaking, blue light lenses are engineered to either block or reflect blue light rays. Working as a protective shield for your eyes while you swipe between multiple digital devices.

Anti-reflective coating

Not all blue light lenses come with anti-reflective coatings, the one that does is of premium quality. Anti-reflective coating or anti-glare helps in reducing the amount of light reflected away from the eye. This allows more light to be transmitted through the lens, eliminating glare like your polarised sunglasses.

Lens Material

Apart from the coating, your blue light lenses must be made up of the quality lens. A high-grade lens quality allows better protection and affects how many blue light rays are blocked from entering our eyes. Even if you have varifocal lenses, we’ll recommend picking out the lighted pair of lenses that allows more comfort and clarity.

Benefits of blue light blocking glasses

Now to the best part! Why must you invest in blue light glasses? The benefits would help to decide it for you.

Elimination of digital eye strain

Prolong hours of blue light absorption in the eyes result in abundant eye problems and discomfort that gradually make your eyes tired and exhausted. With a protective shield on your eyes, blue light lenses would keep you awake and improve your eye’s overall health.

Improve your sleep quality

We all are guilty of using our smartphones at bedtime that can impede our sleep pattern. With the help of blue light lenses, you’ll experience improved sleeping patterns and eye health. The glasses help in re-releasing the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin that encourages your brain to make you feel asleep at times when it's dark.

Prevent the risk of AMD (Age-related macular degeneration)

The continuous penetration of blue light rays not only causes eye condition at present. But it can go on to increase the risk of AMD (age-related macular degeneration). To protect yourself from the risk of permanent diseases, blue light lenses work quite effectively in protecting your eyesight.

Vision Clarity

By eliminating blurry vision, blue light lenses take proper care of your eyes.

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