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Expert tips to shape your career in the IT world

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read July 25, 2019

IT Expert tips

For a career in the IT world, the primary requirement is that of certification. If you are an individual with existing experience and training, then you can get around the early certifications. But from then on, it is all about perseverance and self-improvement to gain more knowledge. The following post is all about what the experts have to say about improving your chances in the technology and computer career.

In case you have zero experience

In the previous section, we talked about bypassing the preliminary certifications when you have some experience, but what about interested individuals who want to get a foothold in this industry? Well, you need to start with the basic certification courses like the Oracle certified associate for Java SE 6 and SE 5, the CompTIA A+ or the Microsoft Technology Associates Developer.

After gaining the initial experience

Now that you have obtained your basic certificates and mastered the preliminary courses, you need to further your career. This requires skill and training to tackle real problems. You can use the degree as the springboard, but it is still about putting in the required effort.

There are options, including the specialty certification courses and the intermediate training courses to level up in the IT world. Go for additional specialty certifications like the GIAC certified incident handler or the ISP professional, the Microsoft and Oracle accredited courses.

Ensure that you become an expert

The main advantage of the IT career is that certificates can be obtained throughout your career. Use this vital facet of the IT industry to your benefit and go on collecting experience, expertise points, and certifications all through your life as an IT professional.

The higher is the level of your expertise; the greater are the rewards in the job market. There are specific high-level certifications, including the ISACA certified information security manager or the Cisco certified internetwork expert. Continue to earn certificates and further your career.

The IT degrees

Yes, there are college degrees available as well for individuals looking to dive in the IT world. You can study a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree from any reputed college or traditional university.

However, this traditional mode of learning has encountered a few drawbacks as far as the IT industry is concerned. Since technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, it is essential to keep up with the latest innovations and modifications. This is why the trend of certified courses have gathered momentum and traction over traditional college degrees.

IT career: A brief overview

IT career

The career outlook when the IT industry as a whole is concerned is showing tremendous expansion and opportunities in the years to come. The options and career opportunities are projected to rise by 12% over the next ten years. This is a record since no other job field can provide for so many jobs in a short period.  The news is excellent, and the time is just right for the individuals considering the IT industry as a viable career path. All the best!

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