Dodge Charger – Price, Feature And News In 2023

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Dodge Charger

I can give you a handful of reasons to buy the dodge charger – and its look isn’t the only one. While taking a few steps inside the sports car category, the Charger does not compromise user-friendliness.

This Dodge focuses gravely on power and performance, yet it does not back down in terms of ease of driving, handling, and braking. As a result, the modern Charger draws the best of both worlds – the commuters and the sports.

A vicious sports sedan, the 4 doored dodge charger is unlike any other muscle car you have ever seen. However, the passengers have enough space, and the cargo does not disappoint.

While there are some user complaints regarding the interior material quality, that may seem negligible once you go through what comes in the package for this four-wheeler. So here is a quick review of this car to help you with the information you need on them.

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Dodge Charger Specifications

Dodge Charger Specifications
⛽ Fuel Consumption12.4 (Automatic City)
7.8 (Automatic Highway)
⚙ Engine3.6L V6 DOHC 24-valve
⚡ Power292 hp @ 6350 rpm
🚦 Transmission8-speed automatic transmission with manual mode
🚗 BodySedan
car door icon Doors4
car child seat icon Seats5
☂ WarrantiesBumper-to-Bumper
60000/km, 36/Months
100000/km, 60/Months
Roadside Assistance
100000/km, 60/Months
160000/km, 60/Months

Coming under the price range of $40000, the Charger is the dream of many car lovers. The first Charger came out back in 1966 and the first model was showcased in 1964. The 1966 Charger led to the production of seven generations of Chargers until the 2021 dodge charger. There is the latest version available in the market. Here are total specification reviews of the Dodge Charger.

Engine & Performance

Dodge Charger owes its gratitude to the potent and strong V-8 engine for the rowdy sound it makes. With a 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine hiding under its hood, the Charger shows off its NASCAR roots. The standard engine is capable of producing 370 horsepowers and 395 lb-ft of torque. The top variants go up to 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft.

You can sprint from 0 to 60 within 3.6 seconds, and 10.96 seconds are required if you want to hit the top-track speed of 196 mph.

Fuel Economy

The 5.7-liter engine does not disappoint in terms of fuel economy either. Although a heavy and bid-bodied sedan, the Dodge Charger does take its share of gas. The car has an 18.5-gallon fuel tank. You will get an estimated 19 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway MPG in rear-wheel drive. But if you prefer all-wheel drive, the fuel economy changes to 18 in the city and 27 on highway MPG.

Interior & Exterior

Interior & exterior

The interior and the exterior are the places where the dodge charger gets a little criticism. The use of rubber materials in the interior gets highly criticized.

There is enough room in the rear seat space. But the passenger space is average according to some riders. On the other hand, the car’s exterior has the most aggressive look you could desire of a sedan. 

The car is available in eight different colors – Octane Red, Pitch Black, Triple Nickel, Granite, Frostbite, Go Mango, Smoke Show, and F8 Green. The dodge charger hellcat is appreciated the most for the looks of it.


This is a 4-doored and 6-seater sedan/muscles car. The Dodge Charger is as big in its body and as powerful as its engine is. The car has a length of 5100. It has a wheelbase of 3058 mm. The car has a width of 1905 mm. also, it has a wheelbase of 1905 mm. The 2023 dodge charger is 1480 mm in height, and it weighs around 1,823 kg.

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An array of different standard and advanced safety features come available in the dodge charger. Automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning & lane-keeping assist are equipped in the Charger.

Front and read head airbags and child safety locks are also made available in this car. In addition, daytime running lights and traction control are also some important safety features available in the latest generation of the Dodge Charger.

Price & Warranty

The most amazing aspect of the Charger is that it comes at a very low price. Compared to the Camaro and similar sports cars in competition, the Charger is pretty low priced. You Can buy the standard version of the Charger for the price of $31350. Upon buying the latest Charger, you can avail of a warranty period of 5 years. Most of the warranty packages range between 60000 miles/ 100000 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you know about the price and the specifications of the Charger, you may have more queries. In that case, the following questions and answers may help you.

1. Is The Dodge Charger A Good Car?

Dodge charger is hands down one of the most coveted sports sedans on the market. It has a powerful engine, and it is good at handling and braking. The car is not a hassle to handle and offers a decent riders experience despite being a large sports sedan.

2. Why Did Dodge Discontinue The Charger?

According to current reports, the Dodge charger will cease production in 2024. But it is only the gas-engined car that is getting discontinued. Instead, the company wants to focus on creating an electric version of these cars. The CEO of Dodge cars, Tim Kuniskis, confirmed that this car would have electric versions.

3. Is A Hellcat A Charger?

Yes, Dodge SRT Hellcat is some of the finest sports cars. These beasts are capable of generating 717 hp horsepower and 656 lb-ft torque. The power can go up to 807 hp with 707 lb-ft torque. There are Jailbreak and Redeye models, and the former is more powerful than the latter, offering ten more hp power.

What Is New?

It has been announced that the Dodge Charger and Challengers models will be discontinued in 2023! Known as the muscle cars, the brand has decided to axe their production and to commemorate the two cars, seven models of the special edition will be launched.

The special editions will be introduced at the SEMA show in 2022. The seven special edition models are the Redeye, Hellcat, Demon, Shaker, the fully customizable Jailbreak trims, and another top-of-the-line trim that is yet unknown along with the Scat Pack. 

For all the trims, there will be three Dodge heritage colors available in the year 2023. The decision to cut the line has been more to change the model lines as they might be relaunched in the future in an electric avatar! 

From the words of the CEO, Tim Kuniskis it is clear that change is coming and the brand is ready to celebrate the new era of an electrified future. The Dodge Charger might be getting a special change in the form of brushed aluminum plaque which will have “Last Call” written on it and will be placed under the hood!

Is It Sad?

Do you know, you cannot order Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger anymore as it has been discontinued from the month of July 2023! No exact reason has been given as to why they are being discontinued however, there is a high probability that they will be relaunched somewhere in the future.

Final Words!

If not the hellcat, the standard Dodge Charger is a good enough sports car if you want one. You can go for the older Chargers if you are more of a vintage car lover. But the latest version of the Charger is also quite powerful and worthy of their good names.

The base price of this car, below $40000, is the main selling point for it. If you want a sports sedan or a muscle car within a lower budget, this sure can be a viable option. I hope that you liked this review. For any further information, you can comment below and ask your questions.

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