Read How The Chicago Fire Cast Has Got The Temperature Rising!

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Wonder how so much beauty and talent can fit on screen? I know all the actors who star in the Chicago Fire are very talented, so let us give some more attention to the characters and the ones portraying them!

In this article, you will learn more about the individuals who play these characters and how connected they have been with these characters. It is important to understand that because the plots personally impact these individuals, they stay connected for so long!

Read How The Chicago Fire Cast Has Got The Temperature Rising!

When reading about the cast of Chicago Fire, you need to know a little about Chicago Fire (TV series)! The Chicago Fire 51 is a fictional firehouse that portrays real problems common in our society.

I will highlight the actors who portray significant characters and roles in this article. I will also discuss some of their roles and significance in the series. Some of these actors are known for their looks in the industry! Let us not forget Lauren German who makes Margot Robbie look alike!

The Cast Of Chicago Fire

All these actors and actresses portraying different characters of firefighters, paramedics, and fire station staff prove that firefighters should be meant to be hot! Wink! Or am I being a little coy?

If you have Monica Raymund, Jesse Spencer, Kara Killmer, and Taylor Kinney coming on screen together, the temperature is bound to rise! The story of firefighters and paramedics, their struggles, and their personal lives have been highlighted in this series.

Read more to learn how each actor has contributed to their part in the series’ plot!

Jesse Spencer

Spencer was one of the show’s main protagonists who portrays the role of Mathew Kasey! An Australian-American actor, he is also a great musician. He is also quite popular for his character of Robert Chase from the American medical drama House!

It was in 2020 that Jesse Spencer left the series completely. His reasons for leaving were his marriage and his baby, which is quite normal considering he needed to provide family time while his work was good; he needed a break.

Taylor Kinney

The character that Taylor Kinney portrayed in the show is called Kelly Severide. Even though he has done other characters in several television series and movies, he became significantly popular with this character.  You might have also seen him in another popular series called The Vampire Diaries.

The American actor was associated with the series from season 1, and in season 11, he took a break due to personal matters. The question is: Is Severide leaving Chicago? However, according to recent news and the series’ season 12 trailer, Kinney is definitely back.

Kara Killmer

The blonde actress Kara Killmer portrayed Sylvie Brett. An American actress, she portrayed the role of a paramedic and has been associated with the series for the longest time. Her character has also been involved with Mathew Kasey from seasons 7 to 9.

According to the news, Killmer is leaving the show in season 12, which has been confirmed. She is taking a leave of absence due to some personal matter.

Monica Raymund

The character portrayed by Monica Raymund is known as Gabriela Dawson. She is an American actress, a combination of beauty and brains, who was connected with the series till season 6! At the end of season 6, she leaves for the head position in a rescue and relief unit in Puerto Rico.

She had a very close relationship with Mathew Casey, and they married. However, later, it was shown that they divorced because they grew apart.

Miranda Rae Mayo

Portraying the role of Stella Kidd, Miranda Rae Mayo has stolen the limelight once more! Her character, when she started in season 4 of the series, was not as significant; however, she has become important over the years.

Her character graph has developed significantly, and in season 12, in the trailer of the series, it is clear that her relationship with Kelly Severide will get all the limelight. From the first moment of her appearance, it was clear they had a history, but nothing was highlighted!

Well, I think it is time for some catching up to do…in the trailer, Miranda and Kelly kiss, so hold on to your seatbelts, folks!

Eamonn Walker

Eamonn Walker has portrayed the character of station chief Wallace Boden. He has been a strong character from the beginning of the series and will appear in season 12! The English actor has starred in several roles in different television shows and movies over the years.

You might have seen him in movies such as Tears of the Sun, Lord of War, and Oz! He has been a consistent actor and has tried to maintain a certain position in the series with the different ups and downs of the content and the plot.

Joe Minoso

Real-life Joe Minoso, a television and theater actor, played the firefighter Joe Cruz. He has been a part of the series Chicago Fire from season 1 and is still going strong. He has recently made an instagram post on Chicago Fire coming back on 17 January.

Apart from the popular series, you have also seen Joe in television shows and movies such as The Man of Steel, The Return of Joe Rich, and The Chicago Code.

Yuriy Sardarov

The talented American actor and producer Yuriy Sardarov has portrayed the role of Otis. With an extensive background in theater, he has brought so much charisma and depth to his character.

The character was a significant part of the Chicago Fire series and developed feelings! On several levels, the character was an integral part of the show. His character was, however, killed in season 8, which was quite emotional.

David Eigenberg

Lieutenant Christopher Hermann is the role performed by American actor David Eigenberg. An American actor, he is well known for his role as Steve Brady in the popular HBO series Sex and the City. He is one of the familiar faces on the show and is completely expected to return for season 12.

He portrays his character with all genuineness as he is a loving family man! The character is a seasoned firefighter who brings so much to the role.

Randy Flagler

The actor Randy Flagler is called Capp in the series Chicago Fire while portraying the character of firefighter Harold Capp. he has been a constant since season 1 of Chicago Fire started. Other works where you can see this actor are Chicago Med, Monk, Heroes, The Double, etc.

Christian Stolte

The American actor portrayed the role of Mouch in the series. He has worked in other drama series, such as Prison Break! Furthermore, he also appeared in the movie Public Enemies as Charles Makley.

His character is not one of the main cast in season 12 for 2023, but he will be appearing again and again. Last, we have seen him being hit by a stray shrapnel while at a gunfire.

Lauren German

Popular as Chloe from the comedy-drama series Lucifer, Lauren German has also portrayed a significant role of Leslie Shay in the series Chicago Fire. For the first two seasons, the character of Leslie, who shared a complex friendship with Gabriela and a relationship with Kelly, was quite important!

Her character was a paramedic who also died in the series’ second season. Thus, Lauren had to leave the show.

Other popular actors were integral to the series, such as Brett Dalton, Alberto Rosende, Steven R. McQueen, Adriyan Rae, Jeff Hephner, Gary Cole, Scott Eastwood, Teddy Sears, and many others.

Finishing Off…

Now that you know all about some of the main characters of the Chicago Fire cast, what keeps them continuing for so long? It’s been 11 seasons of Chicago Fire, so ofcourse, several characters have become part of the show while it progressed over the years.

Comment on what you think is the best episode of the series Chicago Fire and why!

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