How Timelapse Photography Can Benefit The Construction Process


Written by   22nd February, 2023


Photography in the construction industry? It’s a question you might ask, considering photography is associated with storing memories. In most cases, you take photographs to remember a trip with your friends or special moments with family.

In the construction industry, timelapse photography is becoming a staple. It involves slowly taking photos and videos of the construction process from stage to stage. Thousands of photos and videos are combined in a three-to-four-minute video to show the construction’s progress.

How does this technology aid in the construction process? Here’s how timelapse photography benefits this industry:

It Allows For Better Project Management

It Allows For Better Project Management

Project management allows for efficiency in the construction process, ensuring the timely delivery of projects. 

The main problem associated with project management is monitoring. Project managers often have several sites to assess and monitor simultaneously. There are times the sites are located far apart. The result is a lot of travel time from site to site. In some cases, some sites are abandoned, leading to inefficiencies. The situation worsens when they realize an issue too late into the project. 

PhotoSentinel long-term timelapse cameras are a great way to capture the progress of a construction project. If you’re looking to buy a construction timelapse camera, these bundles are the best place to start. They come with software, which you can access on your hand-held gadgets. All you require to do is have the cameras on all your sites. Instead of the project manager visiting each site, they can easily monitor progress and identify bottlenecks remotely. At no given point will any site be abandoned. The result is overall efficiency in all the sites. 

It Promotes Better Project Planning

Project planning is key to proper execution. There’ll be minimal hindrances since you anticipated and planned around them before executing the project. The result is a success. 

A lack of project planning results in repeated mistakes from project to project and leads to a lack of growth and loss of customer trust in your capability. 

Timelapse photography turns things around regarding planning. After completing a project, you and your team can use the captured footage to assess the entire process. You’ll identify issues and bottlenecks that might have affected the project negatively. This insight allows you to create better ways of project execution, which you’ll implement in the next project. 

The result is growth and better projects that satisfy your clients.

It Increases Productivity

In the construction industry, productivity is crucial and there are strict deadlines to follow.

Most productivity surrounds the workers on site. When they aren’t productive, they’ll take longer to finish tasks. The result is project delays that bring about increased project costs.

Worker productivity is enhanced with timelapse photography in place. As stated earlier, it involves the use of cameras on construction sites. These cameras will act like CCTVs. Therefore, you can easily watch how workers execute tasks.

These cameras make workers aware that they’re being watched by management. This alone fuels them to work effectively at all times, increasing productivity.

It Enhances Marketing

Marketing is crucial in any industry. In construction, it works to win clients and retain the existing ones.

It’s said that the construction industry lacks adequate marketing. Based on this, construction professionals can’t convince clients of their capability in project execution. The result is construction businesses closing down or running at losses due to cashflow issues; there are no customers.

With timelapse, marketing is made easier in the construction industry. As the introduction states, you can record the entire construction process and fast forward the presentation without skipping any step. Presenting this video to potential clients lets you convince them of your capability in project execution. You’ll win them over, putting you in business for the long haul.

It Increases Safety

Safety and security in construction are paramount. Most insecurities on site are material and construction equipment theft. In most cases, it’s often difficult to identify the culprit behind such incidents. The result of insecurity is spending more money to replace stolen items. Clients will also be dissatisfied and might lose trust in you. They’re less likely to hire or recommend you to their friends. You’ll be out of business quicker than you imagined.

However, site security increases with timelapse photography. As this technology takes photos at fixed intervals, you’ll be updated on the happenings onsite. Some even offer a live feed that acts like CCTVs. Therefore, in case of theft, you can review the footage, identify the culprits, and take necessary action against them. The result is increased safety on construction sites.


Timelapse photography is a great asset to the construction industry. From the discussion, it’s clear its benefits go beyond memory capture. You’ll enjoy productivity and overall efficiency, resulting in better project delivery.

This insight allows you to make a conscious decision on whether or not to adopt timelapse photography in your projects. Choose wisely.

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