Google Analytics is the most promising robust tool to track around 190 different types of audience metrics and collect a bulk amount of data. Then comes the most valuable question from where google analytics is collecting this amount of data? The hits numbers are the most powerful data in the world of audience tracking data. Therefore which kinds of hits does google analytics track?

Google Analytics is a vast platform where you can perform multiple activities, including the audience’s hit data fetch. Most digital marketers are using google analytics to analyze the individual nature of the audiences. By knowing the nature of the hit, the digital marketers can make the strategy to turn the regular audiences into potential clients.

When do you want to know the correct descriptive answer of which kinds of hits does google analytics track? First, you have to start with an explanation of the hits. And what you can call a hit in the google analytics language.

What Is Called A Hit In Google Analytics?

What Is Called A Hit In Google Analytics

The audience data is stored in the memory box of the memory of Google analytics. The piece of information is packed and delivered right to google analytics. The collected data are stored in the list, and then the list of data is provided to the marketers through google analytics.

Google Analytics understands the user’s behaviors and stores the data of the customer behaviors. And store the data. When the marketers require the data, the analytics provide the right data package to the marketers. Even when the markets are asking for the metrics, google analytics will also submit the result by putting the data in the metrics.

Which Kind Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Digital marketers frequently ask the question regarding which kinds of hits does google analytics track? Because based on the data, they are developing their next strategy to reaching up to the maximum number of audiences. Google Analytics is storing different types of hits. Like human nature, google analytics can store various kinds of data, and digital marketers can efficiently utilize that data to understand the audiences’ behaviors.

Here are the names of the seven hits which are tracked by google analytics.

1. Screen View Hit

When do you want to get to the bottom of the answer of which kinds of hits does google analytics track? The first option which comes into your mind is the screen view hit option. Whenever the viewer sees a single piece of content on the screen, this number is counted under the analytics Screen view hit.

2. Social Interaction Hit

The social interactions are counting under this hit. For example, when you are sharing something or commenting on any content. Then this sharing and comments count under the social interaction category. Social interaction hits are another appropriate answer for which kinds of hits does google analytics track?

3. Pageview Hit

Pageview hit is another familiar Google analytics hit. One user is using the browser to search any webpage. Each time when the user is landing on this webpage, google analytics counts the page landing as the hit. If you repeatedly land on the page multiple times, each time analytics count your page landing numbers.

4. Exception Hit

Exceptional hits are like calculating the accidental causes. Exceptional hits are also another less current answer of which kinds of hits does google analytics tracking? Exceptional hits are only counted when the website has developed certain errors or crashed.

5. Event Hit

Event hits count all sorts of current activities where you are participating in the webpages, when you play video content or download something from the website, even when you are submitting any form on the website. Google Analytics recognizes the numbers as the event hits.

6. E-Commerce Hit

Ecommerce hits are the other popular hits that are counted by Google analytics. When you are viewing something from the e-commerce website or adding something to your cart, that time, the e-commerce hits are recognized by google analytics.

7. User Timing Hits

User timing hits are also measured by Google analytics. User timing hits means when you are landing on to any webpage. The page load time, image load time, and button press timing are calculated under the user timing hits.

These are all the most common types of hits, which are counted by google analytics. The digital marketers are using these hits to analyze the audience’s behaviors and for developing the next marketing strategy. As you can already see, most of the actions which audiences are doing on the website are measured by google analytics.

Let’s see the next part of google analytics, the metrics, and their usages.

What Is Google Analytics Metrics?

What Is Google Analytics Metrics

Now you know which kinds of hits does google analytics tracks? But the proper use of the metrics is making you more accurate in the digital marketing field. Metrics are nothing but data of the specific time period. 

When you want to analyze the performance of the webpage or the applications, the likes and dislikes of your audience. Google metrics are the only thing that can help you to calculate your webpage performance and make the next marketing strategy for your websites.

Wrapping It Up

Hits and the metrics both run simultaneously. Hits calculations and the metrics analysis both are essential to developing the next promotional plan for your website or brand. Now you know the right seven options of which kinds of hits does google analytics tracking? Google fanatics is the number one data tracking tool.

If you can utilize these tools to understand your customer behavior, your next brand promotional planning, and your advertising, both become more robust and target-driven. Are you using google analytics? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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