Things You Do Not Know About Rosa Parks!

Women were a driving force during civil unrest as they fought hard along with the men towards the rights of people! In this story, I will share with you some of the unknown facts about Rosa Parks which will not just surprise you but also inspire you.

The First African American Woman To Be Arrested!

Rosa Parks was a bus passenger at Montgomery and was arrested because she refused to give her seat to a white passenger. She was not even sitting on the white sections!

She Was Forced To Move From Montgomery!

After she supported the boycott, she received threatening phone calls and death threats, she lost her department store job while her husband lost his job. She finally moved to Detroit in 1957 due to increasing conflicts!

30,000 People Filed Past Her Coffin!

Rosa Parks received a final tribute after her death as her body was brought to rotunda of the U.S. capitol! About 30,000 people filed past her coffin to pay her respect.