Black Actors Who Played White Characters On Screen

If you want to celebrate diversity, what can be better than enjoying roles performed by black actors inconsequential of whether the character was white! Black actors that have done a phenomenal job that we cannot even imagine someone else in those roles anymore.

A middle-aged white guy, Nick Fury was casted as Samuel L. Jackson, a black actor played the part. It was a success from day one and with his mysterious acting skills, the audience kept wanting more.

Samuel L. Jackson As Nick Fury

The character Red in Shawshank Redemption was white and Irish however, Morgan Freeman brought with him a sense of susceptibility with his acting! I cannot imagine anywhere as Red after that stellar performance!.

Morgan Freeman As Red

The character of MoneyPenny has been created as a white character, a secretary of M, simpering, weak in the knees for Bond and a fragile personality. However, with her introduction in Skyfall, it was clear Harris’s MoneyPenny was no simpering fool. A strong woman in her own right, she guided Bond whenever necessary!

Naomie Harris As MoneyPenny