Speaking in front of many people is a considerable challenge. Some people feel comfortable doing it, especially those whose job includes public speaking. However, it is very difficult for others who do not usually expose themselves to a vast crowd. If you tend to get nervous when speaking in public, these are some tips to help you overcome it.

Do not attempt to eliminate the nerves:

Even the most experienced public speakers still tend to be nervous. Instead of finding a way to remove your nervousness, you can use it to your advantage. You can turn that emotion into excitement so that you will capture the attention of many people during your delivery.

Prepare what to say:

When you know what to say, and you are confident of the content, it will be easy for you not to get nervous. Even if there are a question and answer session that follows, you will remain confidential. You can speak from the heart and even without notes to guide you.

Practice with other people:

Before you speak with a large audience, you can start by talking to a few people. Ask your friends and family members to listen to you. Tell them to be honest in evaluating you. It would be better for you to make mistakes now since you still have time to change them than later when you are already on stage. However, if you are really serious about practicing, you should work with a media training company to prepare yourself thoroughly.

Focus on the audience:

Look at the people you talk to and feel their presence. Think about why they are there and why they are spending their precious time listening to you. While they are there, you need to make them feel that they are using their time wisely. Do not focus on yourself and how you feel.


You will notice a sudden difference when you breathe after being nervous. Try deep breathing at least three times, in rapid succession. As you breathe out, tell yourself to relax. You can also try holding your breath for a while as you inhale and exhale with extreme force to release the negative energy.

Visualize success:

You have mixed thoughts before you go on stage to speak. You worry that it will be a disaster. You also think that people will laugh at you. Instead of being so cynical, you can think about having a successful outcome. You will then feel motivated to do your best to achieve it.

Use the right tools:

You do not want to go on for several hours talking. By that time, you will not be nervous anymore, but you will not have the attention of the listeners. Make sure that you simplify your speech. Use presentation tools like PowerPoint slides. You can project the slides on a TV screen. Find the right TV mount since you will be talking in front of many people. The listeners will see the information on the screen and listen to what you have to say.

By following these tips, it will be easy for you to overcome your fear of public speaking and have a meaningful presentation.

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