The term “Mews” originates from the royal stables in London where the king’s hawks were kept at moulting (mew) time. These mews were open courtyards used for stables, carriage houses and staff quarters belonging only to the elite.

They were located behind the large residential city houses. Since then, the transformation has taken place. They have been converted into attractive residential terraced cottages lining both sides of a cul-de-sac. At present, a mews property for sale in London is in high demand.

We list below a few reasons why mews properties all over the UK have advantages.


Usually, they are nestled in quiet alleys, away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. They offer a pleasant ambience to reside in.

However, the centre of the city is just a few minutes walk away! The ability to live in tranquillity and yet have easy access to the hub of a city is one of the main benefits of such properties. Having a home in the vicinity of offices and shopping centres, parks, and entertainment areas is a boon.

With the Covid-19 vaccine programmes now running and lockdowns called off, a hopeful return to near normality is looked forward to. Both the corporate and retail industries will reopen. Living in a mews house or owning one at this time will be beneficial.

Safety and Security: 

Despite being in the midst of the city, mews properties are considered safe and secure. With hardly any traffic, there is a peaceful atmosphere. They often allow children to play on the road since there is no garden space. Having next-door neighbours offers a sense of community and security, with the confidence that someone nearby will look out for you. However, at the same time, privacy can also be protected.

Freehold title:

Most mews properties are freehold, allowing the buyer sole ownership of the building and the land it stands on. It can be used for any purpose, of course, in accordance with local regulations. Alterations can be made adhering to planning regulations which are usually more lenient because they are not listed properties.

No further payments like ground rent, service or administrative charges will apply. Purchase and sale of these properties involve less paperwork which is of great benefit. Most importantly, the value of such properties usually rises.


Some mews properties are similar in appearance though others differ in outlook and design. While space is usually limited, it is flexible, and renovations for improvement can be carried out. Some owners retain garage space for parking. Some use subterranean parking.

Others resort to lane parking while converting the ground floor garage space to an additional room or rooms. Even though traditional mews houses have only small windows in the front, with technology, these can be converted to larger windows or even bay windows.

Lighting, which used to be a problem, can now be improved by fixing skylighting in the roof area. Basements can be renovated and used for storage space. Underfloor central heating arrangements are less expensive and provide the facility without taking up space.

Due to the pandemic, some people have had to look for smaller accommodation. While mews properties are higher in the price bracket, they can be ideal for young professionals looking to live and work in the same house, especially since working online from home is bound to continue for quite a time in the foreseeable future. Also, they are suitable for older people looking to retire in comfort and, of course, for the wealthy to use as Pieds-à-Terre.


Because mews properties are limited in number, the competition increases. Demand far exceeds the supply. Hence, the value of the property also increases. As a result, the ROI (return on investment) will be high. For professional investors, this is another benefit of London Mews.


Despite the few disadvantages and inconveniences of mews properties, there are many positives to living in or owning a mews property. They are still popular and in high demand and not only amongst the affluent. With expert advice and guidance from an experienced estate agent dealing specifically in mews properties, a prospective buyer or seller will be able to analyse the situation, weigh the pros against the cons of a mews property and make the best decision.

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