Tools of the Trade—What You’ll Need in Your First Year as an Entrepreneur


The great thing about being an entrepreneur these days is that anyone with drive, motivation, and ambition can succeed at his/her venture. Both college grads and high school dropouts can find a passion that generates money for them. However, even with leveling the playing field, building a business requires more than just street knowledge but it also requires persistence and grit on a daily basis.

Suit up everyone because your first year as an entrepreneur is more grueling than you ever imagined. Every day, as you set off to work, you’ll wonder whether this undertaking is worth the effort. You’ll work tirelessly at the venture, in addition to holding down another job. You’ll do this all in the hopes that your start-up will be successful, and by the end of year one, you’ll wonder how you managed to accomplish so much.

Your first year as an entrepreneur, while difficult, can be navigated much easier by following some of the tips below.

The organization is the Ruler of Your Life :

Whether it is searching for the world’s finest serviced office solutions in Hong Kong or just merely finding a better way to budget funding, the organization should reign king in your professional realm. Because you are essentially a newbie, it is easy to work in what appears to be controlled the chaos that at some point will stymie even your best efforts. To combat disorder, make organization a priority.

Draft a monthly budget, make sure you actually use your calendar app on that way-too-expensive cell phone to schedule your life, arrange meetings with your partners on a weekly basis to touch base regarding business matters, and address administrative issues that can turn into ugly bureaucratic messes if not taken care of. Whatever it is that you do as an entrepreneur on a daily basis make sure you have a plan to execute it. Without one, you will find yourself chasing your tail while trying to catch up on details that are lost in some nameless pile on a desk that might be yours.

Set Goals and Objectives :

Your vision should be both long and short ranged. When coursing the path of this vision, develop goals that have clear, achievable objectives. In a place like Hong Kong, with its wonder and majesty, you can easily get lost in trying to make your ideas fit in with any number of trends. Goals and objectives provide your business plan with focus. At the same time, you want these goals and objectives to be flexible enough for you to adapt in the ever-changing business landscape. When planning, be prepared to modify your milestones.

Find Mentors :

Because being an entrepreneur relies heavily on socializing, and with a lot of different people, you engage with so many people who have knowledge. While networking, look for other more seasoned business people for mentorship opportunities. The benefits of finding a mentor are that these people can teach you how to navigate the trickier parts of landing contracts and sealing the deal. Not only can they serve as this type of resource, they can serve as a sounding board for your own ideas. More importantly, your mentors can hook you into markets and organizations that help you build your business.

Focus on Funding :

Everyone understands your venture is your passion, but realistically, you have to have a financial plan that will weather some of the storms the first year. One of the major tasks that first-year entrepreneurs are responsible for is finding smart ways to infuse money into your business without going into serious debt or going broke. Not only finding funding sources is a priority, but properly allocating the money wisely is of import as well.

Bootcamp for Beginning Entrepreneurs :

Many say it takes five years for a business to see major earnings. For entrepreneurs, though, the first of these five years are ones that set the tone for the others. While most of whether the venture succeeds or not relies on a lot of external factors, your persistence, patience, and planning will be the primary factors in forging out this business.

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