Imagine it. One day you’re sitting at home, watching your favorite TV show, not expecting much of anything exciting to happen. All of a sudden your phone rings. You think about ignoring it and letting it go to voicemail. After all, who could possibly be calling you at this time about anything important? However, your curiosity wins out and you pick up the phone. The person on the other end asks if this is you, to which you credulously respond yes. Just when you’re about to hang up they inform you that you’ve won the lottery! You’re suspicious it might be a scam, but you stay on the line. The longer and longer you stay on, the more real it seems.

The Uses Of Giant Checks:

They ask you to come down to their office next Monday to pick up the check. Of course, your first thought is that you have work, but then you remember if you’ve really won the lottery you’re done with that job forever. When you get there the next day they present you with a check displaying your winnings. But they want this to be a major media event. After all, you can’t give away hundreds of millions of dollars without a few cameras there. A regular-sized check just won’t do then, will it?

Instead, they present you with a giant check, one three or four feet wide and two feet tall, big enough for all the cameras in the room to see how much money you’ve won.

Giant Checks- The Perfect Branding And Advertising Signage:

Chances are, you’ve seen an event like this on TV, whether it is a company giving money to a charitable cause, a recipient winning some kind of prize money, or something similar. These kinds of events happen all the time. Unless you yourself have won something like this, you probably don’t even know what these sorts of giant checks feel like, let alone where they come from. It turns out, they are often printed by the same sorts of companies that offer all sorts of other custom printed goods like tradeshow display signage and yard signs.

How To Get your Own Giant Check For Your Business?

In fact, you can print your very own giant check for whatever purposes you have in mind. Companies offer you the chance to order as many as you like and have them designed to your specifications. You simply tell them the size of the check you will need and what material to make it out of. It turns out that these checks are often made of a type of foam and then coated with dry-erase, matte, or gloss. Either way, you will be getting the perfect check for whatever sort of event you plan on throwing. The giant checks themselves can be bought for as little as $35 and then shipped to your house or place of work. After that, you will just have to fill out your details in very large lettering for all the cameras and put on your event. Just make sure you invite all the right media networks to your event!

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