Which are the common and most touched areas of your vehicle? Of Course your car’s steering wheels.This wheel requires frequent cleaning and disinfecting. There are multiple steering wheel cleaner is available, which can clean your wheel and disinfect the wheel to the optimum level. But whatever steering cleaning solutions you are going to use, you require a proper method for cleaning it. 

Here I am going to deliver an outstanding solution for you. I am going to break down the whole process into a few simple steps. Read it and learn how you can clean different types of steering wheels.

How To Clean Your Steering Wheel?

There are two solutions for cleaning the steering wheel of your vehicle. One is to consult a professional cleaner. Another one is to know the steps and clean the steering wheel on your own.

You can use a steering wheel cleaner and microfiber cloth. Apart from this, there are many other strategic processes that you can apply to clean up the steering wheels of the car.

Here are a few steps which you can apply to clean your steering wheel.

1. Plastic Steering Wheel Cleaning

Plastic Steering Wheel Cleaning

The plastic-made steering wheel is very common. So let’s see how to clean a steering wheel that is made of plastic, and this is easy to clean. If the surface is slightly dirty, then you can use a damp cloth and a regular steering wheel cleaner. That’s all 

All-purpose cleaning solutions can be simple spray bottles with a steering wheel cleaner solution.

Steps For Cleaning Your Plastic Steering With Steering Wheel Cleaner

These steps can follow if you like to clean your plastic steering wheels. And shine on your steering wheels.

Step1: First, spray the cleaning solutions on the microfiber cloth.

Step2: Then wipe down the front, top, and back of the steering wheel.

Step3: Apply some pressure while cleaning the plastic steering wheel.

Step4: Along with all the sides, do not forget to clean the central part of the wheel.

Step5: Be conscious during cleaning. Do not push any APC materials inside the wheel's buttons.

Step6: Then use a separate microfiber cloth to wipe down the excess steering wheel cleaner.

Step7: If you are using additional products on the steering wheel, that will turn your wheel slippery. Which are not safe to drive!

2. Synthetic Resin Steering Wheel Cleaning

Synthetic Resin Steering Wheel Cleaning

Many car owners are thinking of a clean resin steering wheel that is tough rather than leather steering wheels. The facts are very simple. These two steering wheel cleaning is more complex than cleaning the loose dirt from the plastic wheels.

Many car owners keep asking about how to clean leather steering wheel and what is the right process. As they think the leather steering wheel cleaning is the most difficult task. But the facts are different. Every steering wheel cleaning can be different if you are leaving it in a garage for a long time.

Steps For Cleaning Your Synthetic Resin Steering With Steering Wheel Cleaner

People are getting confused between synthetic resin and plastic steering wheels. The confusion is very obvious. The synthetic materials are easy to clean, but resin-made steering wheels are not easy to clean.

Step1: Do not use any sharp object.

Step2: Take the steering wheel cleaner and spray on the microfiber cloth.

Step3: Then wipe out the loose dirt from the wheels.

Step4: Use little pressure during cleaning and do not miss out on any spot on the wheel.

Step5: Now cleaning is complete then, you can use a fresh microfiber cloth for the final touch.

3. Leather Steering Wheel Cleaning

Leather Steering Wheel Cleaning

The leather steering wheel means you are actually dealing with very delicate things. So if you are thinking of cleaning the leather steering wheels, you are actually going to use some specific solutions or cleaners to clean the surface of the wheels.

Leather steering wheels are a little bit high maintenance. The plastic and resin will not go to the hamper during the cleaning. Hence the tragedy is here. You have a luxury baby, so you have to maintain it. Do not use any regular steering wheel cleaner on leather.

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Steps For Cleaning Your Leather Steering Wheel With Steering Wheel Cleaner

Leathers are solid and durable. But these leather steering wheels are high maintenance. Hence you will find it in luxury cars. For cleaning the leather steering wheels, you will require a specific leather cleaning brush along with the right solutions.

Step 1: Spray the leather cleaner on the leather cleaning brush.

Step2: Scrub the dirt off from the leather.

Step3: Then, use the microfiber cloth to wipe out the excess leather cleaners from the surfaces.

Step4: After cleaning, use leather conditioners or UV protectant solutions.

During cleaning, be conscious. If your car steering wheels have the APC buttons, avoid inserting any solutions there. Another point is before using the leather steering wheel cleaner, always run some patch tests. As most of the leather staining wheels are covered with colored leather. It is obvious you do not want to experience fading after cleaning.

4. Wood Steering Wheel Cleaning

Wood Steering Wheel Cleaning

Fascinated !!! You should be. For any wood steering wheel cleaning, you will require a wood cleaner. Yes, in the woods, the dirt will look like a sticky layer. And sometimes the colour changes. Does your car have wood steering wheels? Which means your car is vintage and classic. For selecting the steering wheel cleaner, you also have to focus on the best.

You know how to clean steering wheel leather. But now, this is the matter of the wood wheels. So you have to be more conscious. The first tip is not to use any regular soap.

Steps For Cleaning Your Wood Steering Wheel With Steering Wheel Cleaner

For cleaning the wood-made steering wheel, you will require specific wood cleaning solutions. And a specific brush to wipe out the sticky dirt from the surface of the wood steering.

1st Step: First, gently wipe out the surface with a dry microfiber cloth and remove the loose dirt.

2nd Step: Second is to apply some wood polishers on the natural wood steering wheels.

3rd Step: At last, wipe out the dirt from the surface of the wood-made steering wheels.

4th Step: Do not use the excess solution on the wood as it can crack the wood.

5th Step: Now use a fresh piece of cloth to wipe out the excess amount of the cleaners.

5. Metal Steering Wheel Cleaning

Metal Steering Wheel Cleaning

Metal steering wheels are as uncommon as wood-made steering wheels. But many of the vintage cars have metal steering wheels. Cleaning the metal wheels is the easiest work. You actually don’t have to spend hours cleaning it with a metal steering wheel cleaner.

You can use any all-purpose inflammable cleaners for cleaning up the metal steering wheels. Or you can select any of the cleaning solutions which have better reviews.

Steps For Cleaning Your Metal Steering Wheel With Steering Wheel Cleaner

To clean up the metal steering wheels, you will require a few moments, that’s all. And you will get shining steering wheels by the end of the project.

Step1: Use simple water to clean out the dirt first; damp your cleaning cloth with water.

Step2: Then slowly wipe out the dirt from the surface of the steering wheel.

Step3: Once you are finished off the cleaning process. Use a clean cloth and wipe the wet portions of the wheels.

Step4: If your car’s steering wheel is made with colored metal. Then be conscious while sectioning the cleaner. Of course, you do not want to spoil the colours of the wheels by using a regular steering wheel cleaner.

How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of A Steering Wheel?

You know how to clean a steering wheel. The facts are simple once you are functioning up the cleaning process, then the next part is maintenance. After cleaning the steering wheel, you have to follow some strategic processes for maintenance.

Here are the tips for maintaining the cleanliness of your steering wheels.

  • Clean your steering wheels at least once a month.
  • Always add the steering wheel cleaning to your must-do list.
  • Before starting the cleaning, always wear gloves and wear goggles.
  • Always select the right and compatible steering wheel cleaner.
  • Use the right amount, and do not overspray it.
  • Do not scrub, and always be gentle while cleaning the steering wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions By The Car Owners:

1. What Is The Best Steering Wheel Cleaner Available In The Market?

Here are the names of the best-reviewed five steering wheel cleaners, available in the market.
1. Cadillac Leather Cleaner.
2. Adam’s Leather Care Kit.
3. Sonax Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner.
4. Chemical Guys.

2. Which Types Of Steering Wheels Are Easy Cleanable?

Resin-made steering wheels are easily cleanable and have easy maintenance. So you do not require any complicated process to clean up the resin-made steering wheels. But do not confuse it with rubber.

3. How Much Time Do You Require To Clean Up The Steering Wheels?

The whole cleaning process will only take a few minutes. Give only five minutes, and you will get your desired shine back for the wheels.

Wrapping It Up!

These are the different types of steering wheels. If you want to clean the dirt off from the steering wheels, the first step is to gather all the equipment first, then start your cleaning project. And to buy the best steering wheel cleaner, you have to believe in the expert choice. First, know the basic materials of the wheels, then start your cleaning. Which type of steering wheel cleaners are you using right now? Share your experiences through the comment sections.

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