Installing a new shower system as part of a bath remodel project, can lead to many wrong things.

Leading home and bathroom designers point out that when it comes to shower systems, corners should not be cut. The slightest compromise or oversight can lead to disaster.

As a homeowner who is going for a bathroom renovation project, rising costs and expenses are a major area of concern. While all projects are started with a lot of positive intent, rising costs force everyone to compromise on the work.

This leads to further troubles and worries and creates repetition of tasks. In other words, the more you try to save money, the more you eventually end up spending extra rectifying the mess.

In this article, we look at some of the top shower installation mistakes that should be avoided during the next bath remodel project.

List of 5 Shower Installation Mistakes to avoid in your next Bathroom Remodel Project

1. Going with an Inexperienced Contractor-

One of the most common mistakes is going with a contractor that has little or no experience in installing shower systems.

In recent years, showers have become technically sophisticated. They require special piping solutions, electricity flows, and the specific nature of the installation.

If the contractor is not up-to-date with these changes, then there is no doubt that they will do a shoddy job. This is why a lot of care and time should be spent on selecting the right contractor.

2. Not Waterproofing the Shower adequately-

Many people live under the misconception that sealants, tiles, and grout are enough to make a shower waterproof. The reality is that they are not.

If your shower floor is not waterproof, you are looking at a long list of worries. This includes seepage issues, the formation of dangerous molds, and cracks in the foundation of the floor.

Water seepage should be tested adequately to ensure that the shower floor is completely 100% waterproof at all times.

3. Going for a Small Size Shower in a Large Bathroom-

How often have you had to crouch under the showerhead to enjoy the right water pressure? Many homeowners make the mistake of going for a small size shower in a large bathroom.

This prevents adequate coverage of water and reduces the pressure drastically. At the end of the day, you do not feel satisfied and content after taking a shower.

Ensure that you measure the area of the bathroom and shower space and then get a shower. This will prevent the mistake.

4. Choosing Floor Tiles for the Bathroom and Shower Spaces-

Many designers point out how homeowners are quick to use up the leftover tiles that they had saved from their other renovation work and install them in the bathroom.

This is one of the most common things that take place. It needs to be pointed out that bathroom and shower tiles are created specifically to address the issue of water flow in these areas.

They are grippier, tougher, and have fewer seams as compared to normal floor tiles. This makes them waterproof.

5. Not Paying Attention to the Wall Panels-

Installing a shower, especially a custom shower is all about treating the wall panels with the right kind of respect. Inexperienced contractors use faulty coverings in the wall panels.

This is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Superficial sealing and installation of wall panels will create water seepage and rust out the piping.

This is why you need to do a thorough job as far as wall panel installations are involved in custom showers. You do not want to be making repairs within the first year itself.

The Final Word

By paying close attention to the mistakes mentioned in the article, you will be able to ensure a successful installation process. This will help you create a shower system with a very long shelf life and not worry about regular repairs and servicing bills. If you wish to know more, drop your queries in the comments section below.

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