News travels fast when we least want it to and there seems to be no way to get away from it, this is particularly true when it comes to relationships, ex’s, and trying to deal with the breakup. You have tried everything to get them out of your thoughts, considered and perhaps even dated other people, yet that niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach or at the back of your mind hasn’t gone away.

You keep thinking that you still have a chance, that you let the process run its course unwillingly which led to the demise of the relationship yet you didn’t mean for it to happen, things were said in the heat of the moment and the wheels began to spin. 

Before you knew it they were packing their bags and throwing the keys to your shared home in the street without a care in the world if a stranger were to pick them up and clean the house of its belongings. 

What To Do When She Started Dating Someone Else

Don’t think that you are alone in this feeling, people the world over have been in your shoes and experienced what you are going through, see here the-biggest-celebrity-breakups-of-2021 how it went down and in a way make you feel less alone.

1. Having hope

1. Having hope

They say that if you train well and work hard then there is nothing stopping you from attaining your goals, could this filter over into the intensive topic of love and feelings?

Could situations be turned around that have soured, lovers reunited in a flurry of apologies and hugs? This debate could go both ways but as we want the world to be filled with endless love and emotions we like to think of the glass half-full. 

So you want them back, you are adamant about it but rushing in with your blinkers on is going to get you nowhere fast. There needs to be some form of ‘game plan’ put into place, a well thought out if not rehearsed conversation with possible answers for varying questions and accusations, and the reasons you feel and believe which show that you are meant to be together. 

2. Crossing the finish line

2. Crossing the finish line

What can you do or say to make them realize you want them back in your life for good, you could opt for a serenade with romantic words and music or a gesture out of the ordinary (see some tried and tested examples if you click here), but more importantly how will you make her realize that the person they are currently seeing is not the right fit for them? 

Think about what you would do if you were the one dating someone else new, would you consider leaving them to go back to your ex, hearing their plea and ‘case’ as to why you are a match made in heaven?  Do you feel they would have to prove themselves to you, or explain why or how things went as bad and as far as they did?

Ideally, you need to relight the flame, remind them of why you fell in love in the first place, and attract them in a way that doesn’t involve or revolve around looks or image. 

3. Focused

3. Focused

The one thing many relationship experts do advise on is that making the person they are currently with look bad is not the answer, this will more than likely backfire and you will end up looking like a crazy, jealous ex who doesn’t have his life under control. 

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back when she has moved onto a new boyfriend you will need to do your homework, self-evaluation, and improvement, and perhaps consider what they said before they slammed the door. The main thing is not to look and act desperate, if they asked for space, give it to them while changing your intentional bad habits or hitting the gym to keep your mind focused.

The Last Word

Love ventures on its own path but the old saying, while vintage in its mentioning still rings true, if something is meant to be it will always come back to you. No one can resist or push away the one that they truly love forever, and consistency to be reunited with your soulmate will pay off, don’t let love slip away. 

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