The chances are that you’ve heard the word inflation thrown around, especially these days.

But understanding exactly what it means is important, other than understanding that it’s simply not good. Essentially, inflation is a rise in costs across the board.

When these prices rise, our buying power is diminished, meaning that each unit of currency can buy fewer things compared to what it could buy previously.

This rise in prices for things like fuel and groceries makes money less valuable, increasing poverty rates and other related issues. But how can we stave off impending inflation?

You can do several things with your money that can work against these price rises and, in some cases, put you in a better position than before.

1. Invest In Property

Tangible assets such as property can improve in value during times of inflation, so getting on the property ladder before inflation really takes hold can be a very smart move.

Of course, the property market can crash, but historically it has always bounced back afterward, with the value of properties skyrocketing higher than ever before.

Property buying

The only downside to this is getting on the ladder can be difficult unless you have the capital. Buying a property outright would be very expensive but is the better option as you’ve instantly invested all of your money into it without paying off a mortgage.

But a mortgage on a property is by no means bad and is still an investment. So, if possible, save for a deposit and get on the property ladder, which will be a great shield against inflation.

2. Buy Cryptocurrency

A popular investment option today is the relatively new opportunity of cryptocurrency.

There are a number of different cryptocurrencies available to buy, from the popular bitcoin (BTC) to more obscure options like Dogecoin. These currencies are virtual and decentralized, meaning they aren’t managed or regulated by a specific entity like a bank or government.


In fact, they are regulated by those that invest in them, alongside something known as a blockchain. This digital ledger notes down every transaction done with the cryptocurrency, keeping track of them, which makes counterfeit coins almost unheard of.

If you decide to buy BTC online, remember that this is a popular decision because of the volatile marketplace, so invest wisely if you do. Many describe bitcoin as a digital gold due to its limited supply, which could protect it against inflation.

3. Purchase Stocks Or Commodities

When we hear about investing, we often think about buying stocks and shares in the global markets. The downside to investing in stocks is that, in the short term, they can be impacted by spikes in inflation.

However, over longer periods of time, they can serve as a good hedge against inflation. You can also consider buying certain commodities like gold and other precious metals, which are limited in quantity and generally appreciate in value.


Gold has consistently been a stable commodity to invest in, as it tends to keep up with rising inflation over the long term.

Note: Value can and does drop with inflation as with other commodities and stocks, but over time, its value usually rises higher than before, beating out inflation and essentially maintaining its inherent value.



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