Where to Find a Private Office for Rent in Singapore


Written by   19th March, 2022


Working from home is excellent for a lot of people. It means more time with your family and the ability to eat lunch at your desk. But many people prefer having an office space outside of their home to have a more professional and productive environment to work in. If you’re looking for private office space in Singapore, here are some places you might want to look into.

1. ARCC Spaces

ARCC Spaces is a coworking space in Singapore that offers hot desks and private offices. The company has no long-term contracts, which means you can come in anytime and take advantage of the private office for rent as if it were your own office. It’s a great place for professionals who need to look more professional or for some privacy.

2. Open Space

Open Space

Open space is a coworking space that offers a variety of professional studio spaces and offices for rent. You can find the perfect private office for rent to suit your needs with the different options.

From affordable private offices to coworking areas, they offer something for everyone. Open space has been operating in Singapore since 2011 and is one of the city’s oldest coworking spaces. They are one of the largest coworking spaces in Singapore, with over 700 square meters for office rental or coworking rental.

3. The Working Capitol

If you’re looking for private office space in Singapore with a business-like atmosphere, then The Working Capitol might be the place for you. The Working Capitol offers meeting rooms and desks to rent and hot desks and coworking spaces. If you’re looking to rent an office space, they have offices available too.

4. Creative Hub

Creative Hub

Creative Hub is a coworking space in Singapore with a modern design. You can get access to their Wi-Fi, printing and mailing services, meeting rooms, and more. They have a wide range of membership tiers so that you can find the right one for your needs.

5. Regus

Regus is a worldwide leader in providing workspace solutions to companies of all sizes. They have more than 1,000 locations in over 100 countries and offer office spaces for rent on a short-term or long-term basis.

Located at Shenton Way, Regus has the highest concentration of international businesses in Singapore. The location is designed to be a hub for significant multinationals, offering cutting-edge technology and modern meeting rooms.

The site of the private office for rent has a high-quality business environment with modern offices and excellent infrastructure that offers ample parking facilities.

6. CubeSpace

CubeSpace is a coworking space in Singapore, offering private and shared office spaces. CubeSpace is centrally located, with easy access to MRT stations. They have amenities like an onsite gym, library, and weekly networking events.


A private office is a space where a person or organization can work privately. It is an office space that is not shared with other people, which is a good option for freelancers, small businesses, and startups on a budget. In Singapore, there are many places where you can rent a private office. The cost of renting an office can vary.

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