In this 21st century, Still, now positive discrimination is a little bit a delicate topic. In many countries, people are not aware of this term. Positive discrimination does not mean to insult anyone or harm anyone. As many people are not aware of this term, the real concept of this discrimination is still in the dark.

Positive discrimination is quite unethical to do, but if we start to do this, many activities will be happy, and we make other regular people angry. It is one type of biased selection process because all the applicants must analyze according to their criteria and experiences in the job market. 

When you want to analyze the candidates potentially based on their past academic qualifications and experiences at that time, there are no places for weakness. This is also applicable for the academic or higher study fields. 

When you are giving any extra facility to anyone, other people are starting to question you. But in some specific circumstances, positive discrimination is also required for the growth of humankind.

What Is Positive Discrimination?

What Is Positive Discrimination


Positive discrimination is the workforce that is hiring based on some reservations. These reservations are like one type of favor. This discrimination is acting as a protective law for some specific category of human beings. 

This discrimination protocol is like reserving a quota for people who cannot update themself due to some physical, social, or economic problems. 

For example, you can take

  • Giving admission or getting to hire a person who has physical disabilities.
  • Promoting any specific groups of people who have protected characteristics is also counted as positive discrimination.
  • Reserve some seats for the group of people who have some protected characteristics.

It all starts with the South Africa apartheid in 1948. After 1990 the post-apartheid economic structure is becoming quite challenging for the existing black population of South Africa. This is becoming the common face to introduce the black population to the existing job market.

Positive Discrimination Pros

Positive Discrimination Pros

  • This discrimination is the perfect answer to every past harmful discrimination that was done before. Positive discrimination means you cannot turn all the past wrong into rights, but it will create a good visionary balance with respect to the other deprived people.
  • Positive discrimination is a part that helps to get over the back phase. Positive discrimination needs lots of law-related and social standards and parameter changing.
  • This new approach is responsible for demolishing the old concept and prejudice within a concise period of time.
  • Positive discrimination helps deprived people of holding their ground in a more powerful and more farm way.
  • This is the simple step to turn negativity into positivity.

Positive Discrimination’s Role On The Gender Equality

  • This is not only the answer to recovering the deprived people; this is the answer to the all-gender inequality in north Africa and middle eastern countries.
  • Gender equality can solve by the legal implementation of this discrimination.
  • When we all talk about gender-biased problems, then there is a chance of gender inequality. And the positive implementation of laws related to positive discrimination can solve almost 60% of issues related to gender inequality.
  • This is one major step that works very beneficial for physically disabled people.
  • If some country can enforce this into law, the major positive effects will go for physically disabled people.
  • In many societies, physically and mentally disabled people are kept isolated, and they are always getting deprived of their regular humanitarian rites.
  • This is the perfect path that can lead you towards the success of making equal rites for all people.

Positive Discrimination Cons

Positive Discrimination Cons

 Although the term is positive discrimination, it also has some negative impact on society’s economic structures.

  • As it is treated as the remedy of the long social, racial, or gender discrimination, but it also works as the biased reservation of the system.
  • Pis one type of reverse discrimination against a certain group of people.positive discrimination.
  • Many people who are generally not required to make reservations will get unfair chances.
  • Employee quality management is becoming the most challenging part of the story as one organization is recruiting under-qualified people. After some days, the whole system will face many challenges, which becomes a barrier to regular economic growth

Negative Impact On The Work Area

  • When you prefer any certain group of people, the diversity of the workplace will get interrupted.
  • Positive discrimination can hamper the future growth of a particular area.
  • When we see these factor, the negative factors of positive discrimination is getting counted.
  • Many people and applicants who are more deserving will become demotivated, and after some specific period, they will stop applying for the positions.
  • This is another negative impact of the positive discrimination policy when the company needs more qualified people. They will not get a quality job applicant.

Do We Need That?

  • A diverse workforce is better to work on the organizations’ growth. If we stop recruiting based on the role and the qualification, the organization’s growth will stop immediately.
  • But for some instances, we really need these types of reservations for the betterment of society. If we give the facility to physically disabled people, this will help in the progression of a certain group of people.
  • The reservation should be made based on the company job profile and the post.
  • Positive discrimination has the potential to eliminate gender biasedness.

Positive Discrimination In The Organization

Positive Discrimination In The Organization

  • If you want a positive opinion, we must say yes, but it should come with many quality checks.
  • The first thing an organization must have to learn about the details of the job applicant’s physical disabilities, the job role, and the present designation. Then they should make the policy according to the organization’s needs.


Every human being has equal rights to live. If some group of people is deprived for a certain period of time, we all have the responsibility to keep them up and help them to grow. But we all should remember one thing one discrimination cannot overcome the effects of the previous discriminations.

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