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Outward Mindset Training Creates More Effective Managers

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read August 29, 2022

Outward Mindset Training

Expand your intellectual horizons as well as your management skills by taking an outward mindset training course. The course will teach you how to become a more effective and empathetic manager.

Many companies have begun to recognize the value of collaboration in the workplace. Offices are being redesigned to focus on collaboration.

The cubicles and corner offices of old are being replaced with shared workspaces and an abundance of conference rooms where employees are encouraged to share their ideas and visions. 

The intense pressure and competition that are often a by-product of these collaborative sessions are also being recognized. Companies and managers are struggling to curb the natural competitiveness and outperforming of business executives against one another.

This competitiveness is something that was bred into them since they entered business school as a way to get ahead and make a name and career for themselves. But it’s now being seen as a barrier to working collaboratively and openly. 

Changing the Focus

Outward mindset training changes the focus of managers and employees from thinking only of their own needs and goals in the way they tackle projects and tasks.

Instead, it trains them to consider the collective benefit of working with colleagues and considering their needs and goals in arriving at a productive approach to projects and tasks.

It’s also recognizing the challenges that some colleagues may face and seeing the overall value in helping them rise to those challenges and supply the answers wherever they can.  

Having an outward mindset can be beneficial to the individual as well. Being open to new ideas and ways of achieving goals can improve a manager’s job performance. It can make them look at themselves objectively and see where they can improve their communication and business skills

Outward Mindset Training

Overall Benefits

From a corporate viewpoint, an outward mindset is necessary to achieve all the goals that creating a collaborative office environment is meant to achieve. Companies can’t simply create the physical space without training their managers and employees in how it’s supposed to be used productively. 

Outward mindset training introduces colleagues to a new way of working that does away with all the mental barriers as well as physical barriers in the office. The training focuses on compassion and acceptance of other employees’ values in the workplace. 

It teaches certain skills that ease employees away from the old ‘self-preservation at all costs’ way of thinking and opens their minds and reasoning to a better, more collaborative method of working productively with one another.

The ultimate reward is greater productivity and realizing the company’s goals faster and more efficiently.  

Enroll in an Outward Mindset Course

SEAC conducts an outward mindset training course that you can join at our classrooms in Bangkok or online via Zoom.  

Elevate the collaborative capabilities of your managers and employees and enroll them in SEAC’s outward mindset course to prepare your company for the future collaborative nature of business.  


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