Oriental and Persian rugs are unparalleled. They're known for their high-quality craftsmanship, intricate styles, and beautiful colors. Choosing the perfect area rug for your home depends on your style, budget, and interior design trends. Read on to find out how to find the right Oriental or Persian rug for your home's decor style.

How to Pick the Right Color

How to Pick the Right Color

Oriental and Persian Rugs come in loads of eye-catching colors. The options can seem practically endless so start by narrowing down your color. Take a look at the design you have in your room and pick the focus color. While mixing and matching are great, you definitely want to stick to the same color family.

Choose your statement color for the room and narrow down your rug search by that color. This doesn't mean your Oriental or Persian rug can only contain this one color, but it should be the most prominent color in the rug.

Choose Your Style

Though Persian and Oriental rugs do have a very distinct look, they aren't all wildly colorful. Some are more subdued and understated. You can and should choose the style that matches your personal taste and the style of your room. If venturing outside of your comfort zone isn't for you, that's fine. Choose a delicate and ornate rug that is the right match for your personality and your style.

Pick the Right Pattern

Pick the Right Pattern

If the room has a lot going on, you can opt for a less intricate design pattern to offset the rest of the room's furniture and details. If your room is neutral and understated, then you may want to choose a statement-worthy rug with a more detailed design or brighter colors.

Choose a Small Oriental or Persian Rug

Oriental and Persian rugs simply never go out of style, but that doesn't mean they suit everyone's style. If a large rug is too much for your taste, try layering instead. Choose a base rug that covers more surface area and layer it with a small, eccentric rug on top. This will allow you to get the practicality you need in a very large rug while still being able to enjoy the style and elegance of a timeless Oriental or Persian rug.

Keep the Walls Muted

Keep the Walls Muted

If you want your rug to really steal the show, be sure to keep the surrounding walls in the room muted so they don't compete with the rug. The same goes for bright and colorful wall art. Keep the other accents in the room to a minimum so that rug can serve as your focal point. The beauty of a Persian rug should take center stage.

The Bottom Line

Shopping for an Oriental or Persian rug is about finding the style that suits your personality in a very niche style. Look for the trends you love and the colors and motifs that work for your room.

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