5 Investment Trends That Will Move The Needle In 2022

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Investment Trends

Currently, the world of investing is changing at light speed.

The preferences of investors are consistently evolving. In the wake of the pandemic, accurately predicting economic trends is extremely difficult. Thus, watching out for investment trends is more important than ever. Doing so will help guide how you invest.

Here are some investment trends to look out for in 2022.

1. ESG

Today, investors care about more than just the bottom line. They also want to understand the company’s impact and ethics.

This is where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data comes in. Business owners can use ESG software solutions to assemble ESG data and insights.

Predictions are that the renewed interest in sustainable investments will persist in 2022 and further in the future. A major driving factor for such a claim is the exceptional investment performance of ESG.

Many investors believe that portfolios that include ESG have a high chance of doing better than portfolios that don’t integrate ESG.

ESG investments are also less unpredictable and are more likely to yield high returns. Expectations are that ESG will gain more popularity as it presents new and ever-growing investment opportunities.

2. Web 3.0

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies were a hot investment topic last year. The prices were volatile as people kept investing in crypto.

In the first part of 2022, investing in crypto settled down. But, many investors are still thinking about crypto assets.


Cryptocurrencies have had significant success in the past. Thus, investors are looking into similar investment opportunities.

Firms that deal in the next phase of the internet, Web 3.0, fall into the category of similar investments. Web 3.0 companies deal with metaverse, blockchain technology, AI, and decentralized finance.

3. Alternative assets

Most investors are wary of market volatility and opt for alternative assets.

Stable alternative investments will keep enjoying significant attention from investors. An example of volatility is the unprecedented stock prices.

Alternative assets

Because of such prices, investors are now shifting away from significant stocks in the tech industry. The shift is in line with being more cautious in the stock market, and investors are turning to alternative assets like equity crowdfunding investments.

4. Commodities markets

In 2022, people are focusing even more on the commodities markets.

The geopolitical disturbance in Ukraine and Russia affected essential products like wheat, oil, and natural gas.

Commodities markets

The price of these commodities has increased because of the limited supply so that commodities could experience a super cycle. That’s where products trade above their long-term price trends for a long time.

5. Real estate investment trusts

One of the most prevalent investment trends of 2021 was real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs will continue to be a hot investment trend in 2022.

REITs place their funds in real estate assets that generate revenue—for example, apartments, hospitals, retail stores, and data centers.


The pandemic improved rental housing performance as people increasingly work from home. It also boosted the performance of biotech innovation hubs and medical research facilities. Thus, investors can feel safe buying shares of REITs.

💲Wrapping up

One clear thing from the above investment trends is that innovation in the investment landscape is not slowing down. So, make sure you keep up with investment trends if you want to enjoy significant returns.


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