Nowadays, the internet world is flooded with the availability of multidimensional social media channels. It is, therefore, crucial to engage your audience always by sharing your content on different platforms. 

Reddit is one such trending platform in 2021 that has made digital marketing much more manageable. In addition, hundreds and thousands of communities are present on Reddit, which makes it an interactive medium. 

Some of the subreddits have significant audiences. However, the remaining ones are smaller, having a particular niche audience based on a principal theme. Therefore, it makes messaging across the communities much simpler. Thus, please read the full guide if you want to know how to crosspost on Reddit

How To Crosspost On Reddit In 2021?

Whenever someone from the digital world speaks about crossposting, he or she means Redditt Crossposting. It is one of the ideal strategies if you wish to reach the same audience groups. Nevertheless, before directly jumping on to the Reddit Crossposting methods, let us analyze different aspects related to it. 

What Do You Mean By Reddit Crosspost?

What Do You Mean By Reddit Crosspost

Crossposting refers to the methodology of posting the same Reddit post in different subreddits. The idea of crossposting depends mainly on two factors - 

To be more precise, while posting the same poy in different subreddits at a time, you should not bother about the duplicity. It is because each post is interdependent on the other. Therefore, comments and likes will not come across each post in spite of linking to the previous posts. 

In this respect, the fundamental concept of Reddit crossposting differs from reposting. Upon reposting on Reddit, you duplicate another post with the same content in the same subreddit. On the contrary, crossposting is reliant on posting in a totally separate subreddit. 

How to crosspost on Reddit? - It is a question asked by some professionals. The basic idea of how to do it correctly is different for different people. But you need to focus on those that are effective. 

Reddit Crosspost Vs. Linking To The Existing Post - What’s The Difference?

Reddit Crosspost Vs. Linking To The Existing Post - What’s The Difference

Now we hope you have a brief idea of what Reddit Crossposting is called. Then you can perceive the difference between Reddit crosspost and link to the existing posts. Understanding this difference is crucial to know how to crosspost on Reddit.

Precisely, crosspost is replicating the identical posts, including the same content. In addition, there remains a disclaimer that alerts both the user and reader. It says that the current post is a crosspost of the original one and also a link. 

While the crosspost may contain a specific link to the actual post, the link is not the focal point. As you repeat the original content, the link goes out of attention. Understand these differences thoroughly to stay ahead of others who have a shallow knowledge of how to post on Reddit. 

Nonetheless, this phenomenon is not acceptable for the posts containing only links. So, in this case, clicking on the post title redirects you to the original post. Concerning the crossposting, you must ensure whether you have permission to link to another post in the different or same subreddit.  

What Are The Methods To Crosspost On Reddit From Different Devices?

What Are The Methods To Crosspost On Reddit From Different Devices

Another most important question associated with ‘how to crosspost on Reddit’ is how to do it from different devices. Of course, some people are well-versed in handling various websites from their smartphones. But, oppositely, PC is more comfortable to some users. 

Needless to mention that the procedures of crossposting from mobile and desktop are different. So, for all the users, we have narrated both the methods in the below segment.  

How To Crosspost On Reddit Mobile

Crossposting from Reddit Mobile is much convenient and more accessible. Mobile users require crossposting through the Reddit mobile app. All you need to do is sign in through the app with a Reddit account.  

Check out the steps below to crosspost from mobile without any hassle:

  • Spot the Reddit app from your mobile menu and open it to initiate the process. From the search bar, look for the subreddit containing your future crosspost. 
  • Now in the subreddit, tap the Share button located at the bottom-right corner of the postcard.
  • From the Share menu, choose the Crosspost on Reddit option. However, this step would vary if you are using an iPhone. 
  • Lastly, in the ‘Choose a community’ menu, click the subreddit of your choice and tap on the Post button. 

How Crossposting Is Done On Reddit PC

If you are comfortable with a desktop or laptop, here are some brilliant ideas to crosspost on Reddit PC.  

  • Begin by navigating to the Reddit website and move to the subreddit page. You can make use of the Reddit search bar to get access to the subreddit.
  • On the page, open the specific post only that you would like to crosspost. Then, choose the Share option at the bottom of the listed content. 
  • Now head on to choosing the Crosspost option from the drop-down menu
  • Under the Create a Crosspost menu, hit the subreddit accruing to your choice for posting a crosspost. You need to select your target community from the ‘Choose a Community’ menu
  • Once you are ready to post, click the Post button. If you require approval, then select the ‘Request to Post’ option instead. 
  • After its approval, the Crosspost would appear in the new subreddit you selected with a Crosspost tag. 

The Final Thoughts

To sum up, once you know how to crosspost on Reddit, you can creep into the platform and start building your audience group. To do this, make sure that your posts are super engaging, extremely interactive, and in line with viewers’ choices.

Unfortunately, Reddit not a cup of tea for everyone if there are no favorable subreddits for you. You will then end up deleting your account instead.

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