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1. Exploratory Case Studies

Exploratory Case Studies

An exploratory case study is an investigation into a particular phenomenon. This type of study does not involve detailed preliminary research, formulating hypotheses, or a specific research environment.

As a result, it is limited in scope and methodology. Instead, an exploratory case study aims to understand the interplay between different variables that shape a phenomenon.

To be successful, an exploratory case study must ask a "how" or a "why" question. The research questions determine the goals of the study. The information analysis is based on the study purpose. The purpose of the study may be an empirical question, a theoretical question, or a social issue.

In addition to historical research, case studies may be conducted to learn about a phenomenon. For instance, a researcher may examine the effects of a particular social policy on a community's environment. Likewise, a psychologist may conduct a case study on the effects of community resources on individual behavior.

2. Explanatory Case Studies

A case study is a method of analyzing a specific event, process, or phenomenon. This kind of research involves using data from several different sources to understand the phenomenon under study better.

This type of research also allows for the use of qualitative and quantitative techniques to enhance the study's internal validity.

An explanatory history case study analyzes and explains a particular event to understand its underlying factors. For example, if a car crash occurs because of faulty brakes on ice-covered roads, the case study will focus on the failure of the car's brakes to do my essay. The research team will analyze the causes of the failure and explain why it happened.

When essay writing service a case study, it is essential to include all relevant facts and quotes. The case study should also have a list of credible sources.

3. Narrative Case Studies

Narrative Case Studies

Narrative case studies in history are often illustrative and descriptive, using only one or two examples of an event to make it familiar and familiarize students with the topic at hand. These studies are often done before more prominent, more systematic investigations are conducted.

They help researchers identify the questions they need to answer and which types of measurement to use. However, they are also problematic since they may prematurely release conclusions.

Narrative case studies are a way to study human behavior and culture. They can be used to examine social problems, such as gender, disease, or conflict.

Some are even used to examine historical events and learn about human behavior. Narrative case studies in history can be highly informative and educational.

While case studies are useful in historical research, they are also subject to criticism. Some critics consider them too subjective, citing that the method is based on personal interpretation rather than objective analysis. In addition, case studies are more difficult to generalize due to their inherent subjectivity.

4. Research Design

A history case study is a diachronic method of research that is ideal for several purposes. This study method can answer questions about change, continuity, evolution, and development. A history case study can also be used to answer questions about the history of a place or an event in the past.

One way to design a history case study is to identify the factors that affect the study's outcome. For example, if you are investigating the history of the American Revolution, you can use the case study method to examine how people affected the Revolutionary War.

This research method is also helpful in analyzing the role of societal factors in the evolution of a particular historical event or process.

Research design is one of the most important aspects of a historical case study. Eisenhardt (1989) defined the case study research design as a strategy to develop new relationships and constructs based on the actual case.

This research design relies on interviews, documents, and other data sources. The goal is to build evidence for the relationship between constructs and historical events and to validate existing theories.

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